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Med Access EMR for Paediatricians.

Med Access EMR from TELUS Health is designed to support your paediatric patients. A customizable, easy-to-use web-based EMR, Med Access allows you to quickly view, update and store encounter notes, prescribe medications and help manage drug interactions, see patients remotely and more.

Customize your EMR for your unique needs

Your EMR can be customized to support the unique needs of your practice - to enhance daily processes, help increase office efficiency and provide easy access to the patient information you need when you need it.

Communicate securely with other providers

Streamline communications with other healthcare providers and deliver continuity of care by exchanging digital and eFax communications, directly from your EMR.

Access patient records on the go

A web-based EMR, Med Access lets you easily access your clinical information anywhere you have an Internet connection. When you’re on the move, connect to Med Access with EMR Mobile on your device.


Med Access supports strong, healthy growth

See complete charts at a glance

  • View patient’s summary including family history, risk factors, notes, lab results, immunizations, prescriptions, and drug interactions

Support paediatric care

  • Record immunizations and be alerted of vaccine requirements in patient profiles
  • Customizable paediatric templates and more
  • Can help identify and monitor at-risk patients and access paediatric practice guidelines for specific decision support

Chart healthy growth

  • Monitor patient growth parameters and plot percentiles with digital growth charts
  • Detect reasons for off-the-curve results with associated comments
  • Accurately rank paediatric patients by percentile based on weight data, up to three decimals

Manage referrals and consult letters

  • Manage and triage paediatric consultation requests from the waitlist
  • Send referrals and transition records to other providers directly from your EMR
  • Use customizable templates to quickly generate paediatric consultation letters

Patient engagement and communication

  • Have parents or guardians’ complete forms online prior to a child’s appointment
  • Communicate privately and share documents via patient portal
  • Save administrative time with online patient bookings and automatic reminders

Treat patients remotely with EMR Virtual Visits

  • Conduct video calls, review records and take notes simultaneously from your EMR
  • Observe patients’ physical appearance and assess mental health state
  • Protect patient privacy with encryption
Discover TELUS EMR Virtual Visit

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