Your patients need specialized care

Medesync EMR supports your paediatric care.

Your young patients need specialized care for strong growth and healthy development. Designed by a physician and optimized for paediatricians, Medesync is a web-based EMR that’s bilingual, reliable, fast and easy to use, with built-in tools to support your pediatric practice.

Customize your EMR for your unique needs

Your EMR can be customized to support the unique needs of your practice - to enhance daily processes, help increase office efficiency and provide easy access to the patient information you need when you need it.

Communicate securely with other specialists

Streamline communications with other healthcare providers and deliver continuity of care by exchanging unlimited1 digital and eFax communications, directly from your EMR.

Access patient records on the go

When you’re on the move, EMR Mobile lets you take your EMR with you. Review patient information, upload photos to patient files, manage lab results, capture notes and send messages right from your mobile device.

Medesync supports your paediatric practice

Chart healthy growth

  • Monitor patient growth parameters and plot percentiles with digital growth charts
  • Detect reasons for off-the-curve results using associated comments
  • Accurately rank patients by percentile based on weight data, up to three decimals

Stay on top of vaccines

  • Quickly access clinical reminders view to plan upcoming vaccines for your young patients
  • Follow PIQ (Protocole d’Immunisation du Québec) standards
  • Consult patient vaccine profiles including adverse reactions from Quebec Vaccination Registry - from your EMR
  • Add vaccines in the patient chart and the provincial registry in a single step
  • One of the very few EMRs certified by the MSSS and integrated to the Quebec Vaccination Registry (SI-PMI)

Easily adapt patient care

  • Use built-in, customizable paediatric templates and forms, or create your own for routine screen activities
  • Generate consultation letters, progress notes and send and receive referrals via secure email or efax - right from your EMR

Understand your patient population

  • Used advanced search analytics to define patient groups or track clinical characteristics
  • Monitor patients with identified special conditions

Patient engagement and communication

  • Have parents or guardians complete online pre-visit questionnaires so you can monitor them between visits. Standardized metrics update in your EMR
  • Communicate privately and share documents via Medesync patient portal
  • Save administrative time with online patient bookings and automatic reminders

See patients remotely using TELUS EMR Virtual Visit

  • Conduct video visits, view records and take notes simultaneously from your EMR
  • Provide care in a more interactive way than a phone call
  • Observe patients’ appearance and assess body language
  • Protect patient privacy with encrypted transmissions
  • Access the virtual visit with a colleague from another remote location

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