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Medesync EMR - for ENT specialists

Designed by a physician and optimized for your ENT or otorhinolaryngology practice, Medesync is a web-based EMR that’s bilingual, reliable, fast and easy to use. The built-in tools of Medesync can be configured to support you in treating patient disorders of the ear, nose and throat, and related conditions of the head and neck.

Customize your EMR for your unique needs

Your EMR can be customized to support the needs of your ENT practice. It can enhance daily processes, help increase office efficiency and provide easy access to the patient information you need when you need it.

Communicate securely with other specialists

Streamline communications with other healthcare providers and deliver continuity of care by exchanging unlimited1 digital and eFax communications, directly from your EMR.

Access patient records on the go

When you’re on the move, EMR Mobile lets you take your EMR with you. Review patient information, upload photos to patient files, manage lab results and send messages right from your mobile device.

Medesync supports your ENT practice

Streamline processes with ENT-specific templates

  • Use pre-designed templates for otorhinolaryngology conditions such as allergies, snoring, thyroid disorders, and audiology assessments
  • Templates can be configured, arranged and edited for multiple functions
  • Templates can include images to assist with patient understanding

Manage revenues with integrated billing

  • Save time, reduce the risk of errors and maximize your revenues by transmitting billing information electronically directly to RAMQ
  • Easily select billing codes from ENT-related templates, produce custom reports from billing data, and email bills to patients
  • All services, follow-ups, template management and invoicing are integrated into your EMR

Manage referrals and consult letters

  • Send and receive referrals directly from your EMR
  • Quickly and efficiently triage and manage referrals
  • Share patient records securely between clinics, using MedDialog
  • Use customizable templates adapted for otorhinolaryngology

Enhance clinic note-taking

  • Consult a patient’s summary, capture notes, add pictures, and fill out forms - all in a single screen
  • Never lose a note with the autosave function
  • Save time by using checkboxes in custom forms
  • Create templates for medications and prescribe multiple drugs right from your notes in a simple click

Communicate with patients and save time

  • Communicate privately and share otorhinolaryngology documents via Medesync patient portal
  • Have patients complete online pre-visit questionnaires or post-visit forms so you can monitor them between visits. Standardized metrics update in your EMR
  • Save administrative time with online patient bookings and automatic reminders

Document ENT- related conditions in photos

  • Use EMR Mobile to take photos on your phone or tablet, add notes, and upload photos to patient files. No data is stored on your device
  • Choose an image to illustrate visible issues (tumors or deformities of the neck, head and face) and draw or write directly on it
  • Compare photos of disorders side-by-side to monitor patient progress
  • Upload photos during a virtual visit to enhance patient files

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