Your patients need specialized care

Med Access EMR for dermatologists

Your dermatology patients need specialized care to diagnose and treat conditions and disorders related to their skin. Optimized for your dermatology practice, Med Access is a web-based EMR that’s fast and easy to use - with built-in tools designed to support your unique needs.

Customize your EMR for your unique needs

Your EMR can be customized to support the needs of your dermatology practice. Built-in task management, customized reminders, and decision support tools help to ensure appropriate follow-up for your dermatology patient care.

Communicate securely with other specialists

Streamline communications with other healthcare providers and deliver continuity of care by exchanging unlimited digital and eFax communications, directly from your EMR.

Access patient records on the go

A web-based EMR, Med Access lets you easily access your clinical information anywhere you have an internet connection. When you’re on the move, connect to Med Access with EMR mobile on your device.


Med Access supports your dermatology practice

Document skin conditions in photos

  • Use EMR Mobile to take photos on your phone or tablet, add notes, and upload photos to patient files. No data is stored on your device.
  • Choose an image to illustrate skin issues (body, hands, head, etc.) and draw or write directly on it.
  • Compare photos of moles, warts and other disorders side-by-side to monitor patient progress.
  • Use dermatoscope tools (through an app) to enhance your photos (skin pigmentation, etc.)

Engage patients and save administration time

  • Have patients complete online pre-visit questionnaires and post-visit forms so you can monitor them between visits. Standardized metrics update in your EMR.
  • Communicate privately and share documents via patient portal.
  • Save time with online patient bookings and automatic reminders.

Enhance clinic note-taking

  • Capture clinical notes via stylus, keyboard, macros, templates, and voice recognition.
  • Save time taking notes by using checkboxes in custom forms.
  • Consult a patient’s summary, capture notes, add pictures, prescribe and fill out forms - all in a single screen.
  • Create templates for your compounds and prescribe right from your notes.

Streamline daily processes

  • Easily generate consultation reports and progress notes on patient skin conditions through pre-built customizable templates.
  • Manage your patient waitlists by priorities with personalized criteria.
  • Manage ministry and private claims in a single billing screen.
  • Calculate units of fillers with advanced encounter and visit templates.

Manage referrals and consult letters

  • Send and receive referrals directly from your EMR.
  • Quickly and efficiently triage and manage referrals.
  • Share encrypted patient records between clinics with MedDialog.
  • Use customizable referral and consultation templates adapted for dermatology.

Maximize all revenue streams

  • Generate invoices on your EMR and use TELUS eClaims to submit claims on patient’s behalf for payment.
  • Easily manage accounts receivable for services rendered.
  • Use simple accounting dashboard to determine high profitability treatments.
  • Track patient use of pre-paid procedures.
  • Record cosmetic product sales and use automated reminders to prompt patients when it’s time for a refill.

See patients remotely - TELUS EMR Virtual Visit

  • Conduct video visits, view records and take notes simultaneously from your EMR.
  • Clinic staff can check patient arrivals, do triage and confirm patient health card information in the virtual waiting room before you arrive.
  • Patients can share photos with you during the virtual visit, which can be added to their chart.
  • Provide care in a more interactive way than a phone call.
  • See and assess the condition of patients’ skin and areas of concern such as moles and rashes.
  • Protect patient privacy with encrypted transmissions.
  • Access the virtual visit with a colleague from another remote location.
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