Your patients rely on your cardiology care

Medesync EMR for cardiologists

Your patients come to you for specialized care to diagnosis, treat and help prevent heart disease. Designed by a physician, Medesync is a web-based EMR that’s bilingual, reliable, fast and easy to use with built-in tools to support the unique needs of your cardiology practice.

Customize your EMR for your unique needs

Medesync can be customized to support your cardiology practice. It can enhance daily processes, help increase office efficiency and provide easy access to patient information you need when you need it.

Communicate securely with other specialists

Streamline communications with other healthcare providers and deliver continuity of care by exchanging unlimited1 digital and eFax communications, directly from your EMR.

Access patient records on the go

When you’re on the move, EMR Mobile lets you take your EMR with you. Review patient information, upload photos to patient files, manage lab results and send messages right from your mobile device.

Medesync supports your cardiology practice

Streamline daily processes

  • Use customizable, cardiology-specific templates for Framingham (risk assessment for heart disease), hypertension, cardiac exam, cardiac catheterization, pacemaker implantation and more.
  • Receive diagnostic test results right in your EMR using HL7 messages in granular and PDF formats.
  • Share consults with other professionals from your EMR with MedDialog.
  • Manage patient waitlists by priorities and criteria.

Enhance clinic note-taking

  • Capture notes with the stylus, keyboard, acronyms, shortcuts, and voice recognition.
  • View a patient’s summary, take notes, add pictures, prescribe and fill out forms - all on a single screen.
  • Prescribe medications and create templates for compounds right from your notes.

Manage referrals and consult letters

  • Send and receive referrals directly from your EMR.
  • Quickly and efficiently triage and manage referrals.
  • Share encrypted patient records and consult results between clinics with MedDialog.

Engage patients and save time

  • Have patients complete pre-visit questionnaires and post-visit forms online to monitor them between appointments. Standardized metrics update in your EMR.
  • Communicate privately and share documents via Medesync patient portal.
  • Save time with automated appointment reminders.

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