Help manage patient no-shows

Automated appointment reminders

Reduce patient no-show rates and improve practice efficiency by sending timely appointment reminder notifications to patients. Use digital tools connected to your EMR to remind patients about their upcoming appointments by email, text or phone, and customize automated messages to your needs.

Manage patient no-shows

Minimize gaps in your schedule and potential lost revenue. Conveniently remind patients about upcoming appointments with sufficient advanced notice to accommodate appointment changes.

Provide relevant information

Help patients come prepared for their appointments. Customize reminders to include appointment instructions, location and office directions, as well as no-show fees.

Boost clinic efficiency

Reduce the number of outbound calls to patients and give your administrative staff more time back in their day to focus on other tasks.

TELUS Health supports your clinic with our ever-expanding ecosystem of value-added EMR add-on services and tools. Help enhance efficiency with Pomelo by TELUS Health or with one of our partners:


Find the right appointment reminder service for your EMR.

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Pomelo by TELUS Health
Mikata Health
Tap Medical

Customer Stories


Webinars on-demand

Better engagement. Better care.

See a Cliniconex demo of services such as online appointment booking, appointment reminders, and clinic wait time and queue position displays.

Create a better patient experience

See a demo of Ocean’s self check-in kiosks, in-clinic patient tablets, and patient message and reminder features.

Streamline patient communications

See a Pomelo platform demo of key features such as e-booking, automated appointment reminders, patient-provider messaging, and broadcast notifications.

Simplify appointment management

Discover how to get more from your EMR with digital patient scheduling, appointment management tools and convenient self-check-in kiosks from Chronosuite by Pomelo Health.

Get more from your EMR

Online appointment booking

Enable patients to book and manage their appointments online, while reducing incoming call volumes.

Patient check-in kiosk

Have patients manage their own check-in, update information and complete forms. Hardware available.

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