Collaborative Health Record

Charting a new course in healthcare, the Collaborative Health Record is the all-in-one collaborative platform that reimagines the EMR.

Empowering clinicians to focus on care - not records

The Collaborative Health Record (CHR) is what healthcare professionals have been waiting for. A true cloud-based solution with a full suite of tools for collaboration, patient engagement, automation and data optimization, the CHR is the complete digital health solution you need to steer your practice into the future.

See how TELUS Collaborative Health Record works.

Watch as a physician, patient and clinic staff use TELUS Collaborative Health Record - an all-inclusive, cloud-based, digital EMR solution - to communicate, collaborate and manage the cycle of care.

Future-forward design

Iterative by design, the CHR utilizes the latest human interface design. Created for the new realities of healthcare delivery, its embedded capabilities allow the seamless delivery of both physical and virtual care.

Patients engaged in their healthcare

Built to enable collaborative care, the CHR allows patients to take a more active role, reducing time required on administrative tasks and driving efficiencies in your clinical interactions.

High-quality data powers better care

Powerful reports and dashboards provide real-time, salient data which can fuel automation, enable better clinical decision-making, improve health outcomes and productivity.

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See what our clients are saying about the Collaborative Health Record

I couldn’t imagine not being able to use such an incredible tool. For our patients, they’re given the autonomy and the freedom to be able to book their own appointments and take their treatment into their own hands.

Sonia Kumar

CEO, Body Brave, Eating Disorder Treatment Centre, Hamilton, Ontario

“The CHR has nearly doubled my service capacity and markedly improved the quality of care. Thanks to efficient data presentation for decision-making and to high-quality, auto-populated forms, I can focus on clinical care, not paperwork.”

Benjamin Klein MD FRCPC

Developmental Pediatrician, Medical Director, Lansdowne Children's Centre, Brantford

Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Pediatrics, McMaster University, Hamilton

“The CHR is very intuitive, making onboarding staff so easy. Within a day, they are very comfortable with it. The user interface is nice to look at - it doesn’t feel like work. The patient questionnaires are fantastic. It’s all part of a wonderful platform.”

Panagiotis "Taki" Galanopoulos MD, MSc, FAAFP

Blue Water Medical Clinic, Vancouver


Here’s what the Collaborative Health Record can do for you

Comprehensive health record solution

  • Run your entire practice with the CHR, a complete cloud-based digital health solution offering full EMR functionality (scheduling, billing, prescriptions, labs, encounter notes), patient engagement tools and streamlined documentation.

  • Easily access your CHR by logging in - no downloads, VPN, plugins or updates.

  • Stay connected to your practice and your patients anytime, anywhere with TELUS CHR Mobile.

Patient engagement at the core

  • Connect with patients through the integrated portal, which includes eBooking, automated reminders, secure messaging, video visits, and tools for intake assessment and outcome measurement.

  • Amalgamate all patient engagement features into one mobile patient app. Clinic branding is available for a fee.

Streamlined clinical encounter

  • Customize and automate parts of the encounter such as intake, billing, documentation and prescriptions.

  • Integrate patient-submitted data into relevant encounter sections using natural language technologies.

  • Use automated patient follow-up tools to enhance care and measure outcomes.

Seamless virtual care within the health record

  • Provide synchronous (video/audio) and asynchronous (messaging) virtual care from the patient chart.

  • Track patient flow from the virtual waiting room to triage to clinical visit, and automate tasks using pathways, an intelligent workflow management tool.

Referrals and waitlist management

  • Enable provider and/or patient self-referrals with the eReferral engine.

  • Assign patients to waitlists and triage with automated questionnaires.

  • Send standardized data and relevant documents with referrals reducing back and forth.

  • Ensure no patients fall through the cracks with automated task management.

Patient-generated data fuels efficiency

  • Schedule and share digital forms, questionnaires and surveys via SMS and email or waiting room tablets.

  • Reduce documentation as patient-submitted data flows into encounter notes and records.

  • Improve clinical decision-making with patient-reported data on outcomes and experiences.

Real-time clinical and business intelligence

  • Gain access to meaningful data through the advanced analytics platform, which provides live visibility into every aspect of your practice.

  • View and act on key business indicators in areas such as billings and clinic workflows.

  • Leverage insights to make informed decisions


Discover the Collaborative Health Record, the digital health solution practitioners have been waiting for.

Training and learning programs made for you

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