Effective tools to build resilience.

TELUS Health CBT is a short-term therapeutic approach that provides users with convenient, self-serve digital tools to help improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Why choose CBT for your organization?

Economically minded.

Compared to traditional in-person therapies, cognitive behavioural therapy is less cost prohibitive and helps to reduce mental health related absences.1

Accessible mental healthcare.

Self-paced, fully supervised therapy models help to facilitate access to treatment.

Clinically validated.

Up to 90% of patients show long-term symptom improvements using CBT.1

Supporting the wellbeing of your teams.

  • Accessible
    Available anytime, anywhere on a phone or computer, and through text, phone, and video chat.
  • Comprehensive
    Access to a range of guided digital education, videos, assignments and challenges to help reduce symptoms, understand triggers and develop coping strategies.
  • Confidential
    All data is kept safely in Canada and adheres to all privacy and security regulations.

How it works.

From an initial clinical assessment and consultation with one of our dedicated therapists, to structured modules and scheduled check-ins, our CBT solution can help employees develop resilience at their own pace.
Guided by professionals.
Employees receive feedback from a licensed therapist as they progress through their journey.
Designed with employees in mind.
Our modules are visually stimulating, easy to navigate and personalized to meet the employees’ needs.
Variety of programs.
We offer various programs to support employees through change and challenging situations. 
A network of therapists ready to help.
Our trained professionals can help with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, OCD, insomnia and more.

Looking to enhance your CBT experience?

We’ve designed a supplementary program to support employees facing substance use challenges at home and in the workplace.

Substance Use Management.

Providing specialized support for employees living with addiction, our Substance Use Management is an evidence-based, digital behaviour change program that allows people to recognize and actively address the psychological and lifestyle issues that are driving their use of alcohol and/or drugs.

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Solutions tailored to meet your organization’s needs

Depending on your organization’s size, needs and existing benefits, we can personalize a plan for today and scale tomorrow.

Some Popular Pairings

TELUS Total Mental Health

Our all-in-one employee assistance program designed for today’s employees and their families. 

TELUS Health Virtual Care

On-demand accessible, compassionate and quality physical and mental healthcare for your employees.  

TELUS Health Wellbeing

This digital platform is designed to empower employees to help improve their overall health through wellbeing tools and resources that support lasting behaviour change.

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