Training programs tailored to your organization

Our programs can support employees and leaders in developing the skills they need to help drive behaviour change, achieve organizational goals, and foster a culture of learning.

Support wellbeing and skill development

Cultivate a resilient culture

Investing in the health and wellbeing of your employees and leaders can support a workplace culture that adapts to disruptions and challenges.

Help improve workplace performance

A focus on skill development and leadership training can support employee performance, productivity and overall organizational effectiveness.

Help attract and retain talent

Organizations with a strong emphasis on employee wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion can be more attractive to top talent and can support recruitment and retention efforts.

Programs customized to your needs

With insights from mental health research and employee assistance programs, we can help address specific business challenges and employee needs, mental wellbeing, and overall job satisfaction.

Encourage personal growth

  • Work/life balance
    The emphasis on mental health and wellbeing can help employees manage stress, improve emotional resilience, and maintain a healthier work-life balance.
  • Skill development
    Learning initiatives provide employees with opportunities to develop new skills, foster personal growth and boost confidence.
  • Engagement and satisfaction
    Workplace learning opportunities can contribute to higher job satisfaction, increased engagement, and a positive work environment.

Customized learning solutions

  • Accessible
    Programs are available online, in-person and via virtual training sessions.
  • Collaborative
    We’ll co-create strategies and recommend learning solutions that align with your organization’s goals and culture.
  • Integrative
    We’ll work with your organization’s learning and development professionals to integrate your programs seamlessly into strategic planning.

Microlearning programs

Skills and Resiliency Microlearning
Skills and Resiliency Microlearning is a digital learning solution for the workforce that leverages preventive upskilling to deliver on-demand, personalized and practice-based training experiences. Powered by headversity, the solution helps users build healthy habits and optimize their mental health.
Programs are available for individual learners and as group sessions.

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Solutions tailored to meet your organization’s needs

Depending on your organization’s size, needs and existing benefits, we can personalize a plan for today and scale tomorrow.

Some Popular Pairings


Our employee assistance program is a convenient, flexible solution that helps your workforce be proactive about their mental health and wellbeing.

TELUS Health Virtual Care

On-demand accessible, compassionate and quality physical and mental healthcare for your employees.  

TELUS Total Mental Health

Our all-in-one employee assistance program designed for today’s employees and their families. 

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