End-to-end expert retirement and pension plan services and support

From continued operation of an existing plan to executing a customized solution to meet your organization's strategic objectives, our multi-disciplinary team of experts work together to tailor solutions that meet your organizational needs

Why choose our consultants?

Trusted professional experts

As one of Canada’s largest appointed pension fiduciary administrators, we’ve helped guide employers and worked closely with regulators for over 30 years.

Built for Canada

As a fiduciary for over 150 plans across nine Canadian jurisdictions and adviser to hundreds more plan sponsors and fiduciaries, we know what it takes to control risk and cost over the short and long-term.

Powered by technology and analytics

Our tools and insights can help improve outcomes for employees past and present, while helping to enhance engagement and control risk.

Comprehensive consulting services

Our suite of services will be tailored to your organization’s unique needs and can be implemented individually or together.

Comprehensive support for sponsors and fiduciaries

In addition to excellence in compliance, we provide consulting and actuarial support on all aspects of defined benefit and target benefit retirement plans, as well as benefit arrangements that require actuarial support.

We can help you efficiently meet your regulatory needs for funding and accounting valuations and help improve resiliency and outcomes for your organization and your plan members.

We help organizations:

  • Support employee engagement and appreciation of plan value

  • Stay competitive by focusing on the most impactful steps to manage cost and risk

  • Make informed decisions that stand up to scrutiny

  • Understand and respond to the impact of demographic profiles and shifts in your plan membership

  • Stay alert to risks and opportunities in real time


Caring and optimising for your organization’s unique needs

Our trusted professional experts and partners provide consulting support for sponsors and/or fiduciaries in all aspects of defined contribution and other capital accumulation plans (CAP).

Every organization has unique goals, resources, and makeup. Our consultants work closely with your organization to build, guide and monitor your plan, while ensuring employee programs are objective-driven.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Plan design

  • Modelling and decision support tools

  • Administrator evaluation and selection

  • Education and financial coaching

  • Governance and policy support

  • Membership and program studies

  • Workforce resiliency savings programs


Custom solutions supported by independent experts

We provide comprehensive consulting support for sponsors and/or fiduciaries on investment and financial risk aspects of retirement plans, as well as fiduciaries to a range of other endowments and trusts.

Our experts can offer support to help to ease management overhead and mitigate potential risks to your objectives.

Our services include:

  • Measuring fund experience against your objectives

  • Regular feedback on performance, market, and operational developments

  • Tracking what matters to you from a wide variety of risk measures

  • Attribution and portfolio analysis to calculate sources of risk and return

  • A lens on past and expected future performance

  • Advice, manager interviews and assessments


Manage legal and compliance risks with confidence

Our lawyers and notaries specialize in the finer points of pension and benefit plans, so you can feel confident that your organization may remain compliant, achieve its goals, and provide security for its plan members.

Our experts across Canada can help design, roll out, and govern retirement and benefits plans for your members.

Step 1: Develop and implement
Step 2: Administer and advise
Step 3: Govern and monitor

Helping to improve outcomes for beneficiaries

Our multidisciplinary team finds innovative methods to safely administer, restructure and wind up plans when sponsors can no longer support them.

For bankruptcies, insolvencies or corporate restructurings that affect pension plans of all sizes, we leverage our team of expert consultants, actuaries, lawyers, and plan administrators to assume fiduciary responsibilities and work towards the best possible outcomes for members in partnership with pension regulators.

Our regulatory services include:

  • Management of pension plans of any complexity or jurisdiction

  • Post-restructuring deferred settlement arrangements

  • Building long-term investment strategies that help to enhance funding positions in a risk-controlled environment

  • Supporting plan beneficiaries against competing interests

  • Negotiate the sharing of surplus

  • Handling administration and communications with beneficiaries


Complete pension plan management solutions

Combining the unique power of our administration and consulting offerings, we can provide full-spectrum retirement consulting and administrative solutions to take care of as much of your organization’s pension plan operation as appropriate to your circumstance.

Our plan management services help:

  • Control costs

  • Mitigate risk

  • Minimize effort

Financial and retirement wellbeing seminars

With content that is tailored for your employees, our expert-run seminars equip your plan members with helpful insights to approach retirement with confidence while explaining the value of your retirement and savings plans.

Helping to enhance the financial health of organizations and their employees

A diverse group of instructors – including financial planners and actuaries – provide a holistic view of what employees need to know about retirement planning.

Our prepared, self-contained topics include:

  • Budgeting and adapting

  • Savings and investments

  • Employer and government pension plans

  • Personal taxes and estate planning

Solutions tailored to meet your organization’s needs

Depending on your organization’s size, needs and existing benefits, we can personalize a plan for today and scale for tomorrow.

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