Configurable solutions for retirement and savings plan administration

As one of Canada’s largest providers of administrative solutions for retirement and savings plans, we bring decades of experience developing innovative technologies that can help organizations adapt and thrive in complex environments.

How we help

Trusted solutions and support

With more than 55 years of expertise integrating pension administration technology, we are committed to partnering with organizations to help minimize effort and maximize returns.

Flexible and scalable

Our administration solutions can be tailored to meet your current and future needs and can support fully outsourced, co-sourced or Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery models.

Member, employer, sponsor and administrator focused

With dedicated experts to support your team, our solutions can help build employee, employer, sponsor and administrator engagement through educational content, robust processes, streamlined communication, paperless processing and an intuitive platform.

Powerful insights

Our integrated solution incorporates data from multiple platforms, including benefits and savings systems and HRIS, giving administrators real-time reporting to help them make informed decisions.

A trusted partner in plan administration

From defined benefit, defined contribution, hybrid and target benefit plans to retirement savings options, we have integrated, intuitive tools for every organization.

Comprehensive support and innovative technology

From complex plan designs to regulatory and legislative changes, we understand the challenges pension administrators face. Our market-leading solution is designed with flexibility and cost-savings in mind. 

Our solution has more than 5,000 configurable parameters, and tools to support streamlined integration including adding new plans or tiers, which can help organizations reduce the cost of implementing rule changes by decreasing configuration and testing time.

What sets our solution apart:

  • Intuitive design and navigation

  • Complete suite of pension and pension payroll functionalities

  • Integrated workflow engine designed by pension administration experts for automated processes

  • Seamless integration with existing back-office technologies and infrastructures

  • Stakeholder portals tailored to administrators’, sponsors’, employers’ and employees’ needs


Delivering precision support and industry-leading technology

Streamline your defined contribution plan management with comprehensive CAP administration, flexible investment options and much more, all managed by our secure, scalable technology.

What sets our solution apart:

  • Easy to use enrollment and decision support tools

  • Robust quality control, service level agreements and performance guarantees

  • Flexible investment options

  • Easy integration with other back-office platforms services

  • Accessible via website and app


Help support the financial health and future of your employees

Our savings programs are designed to be affordable, easy to use solutions that help support the financial health of your employees.

TELUS Health Savings Program
Universal Program
Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan (VRSP)
Consulting services

Holistic retirement and pension consulting services

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts can create a data-driven strategy to help your organization balance risk, cost and opportunity.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Defined benefit & actuarial

  • Defined contribution

  • Investment

  • Governance and legal

  • Regulatory

  • Integrated plan management

  • Financial and retirement wellbeing seminars for plan members

Insurance marketplace for retirees

Our online marketplace can help retirees easily find the health, dental, travel, critical illness, life and AD&D coverage they need.

Easy to use and manage

We can help retirees find competitive coverage and support access to health, dental and travel benefits for your retirees with our trusted solution.

  • Fully outsourced technology and administration

  • No cost to the employer

  • Seamless integration with the decision support tool

Solutions tailored to meet your organization’s needs

Depending on your organization’s size, needs and existing benefits, we can personalize a plan for today and scale for tomorrow.

Some Popular Pairings


Our employee assistance program is a convenient, flexible solution that helps your workforce be proactive about their mental health and wellbeing.

Compensation consulting services

We offer complete, customized solutions to help organizations attract, retain and motivate employees.

TELUS Health Learning

Our programs support employees and leaders in developing the skills they need to foster a more resilient organization.

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