Comprehensive services to support a safe workplace.

We provide employers with the tools, training, and technology they need to help keep their staff safe and at work.

TELUS Health Workers Compensation.

Our team of experts work closely with employers to investigate work-related injury claims and provide recommendations to help navigate the complexities of balancing employee support with legal and financial risk.

Here to guide organizations.

As one of the largest providers of workers' compensation services in Canada, our team of experts provides organizations with support to help minimize their exposure to risk. Our services include:
  • Consulting.
  • Case management software.
  • Appeal and representation.
  • Training.

Financing and Actuarial Services.

We provide employers with the tools, strategies, support, and data analysis to help navigate the complexities of worker's compensation financing across Canada.

Specialists in positive outcomes.

The expertise of our professionals help businesses manage risks effectively, optimize insurance coverage, control costs, and enhance their overall workers’ compensation program. Our services include:
  • Experience Rating Forecast.
    This program rewards employers for having a safer workplace with fewer accidents.
  • Classification Review.
    A full assessment of your current operations will determine what your organization’s ideal worker’s compensation rate group structure should be.
  • Actuarial valuation for self-insured employers.
    Reserves are calculated to ensure that self-insured employers have sufficient funds to cover the expected future worker's compensation claims as well as meet Board obligations.

Help reduce the risk of injury and improve your safety standards

Our proactive, preventive approach can help organizations develop and maintain a culture of safety.

TELUS Occupational Health and Safety

Our consultants are specialists in OHS who work with organizations to help create a safe environment for their employees by ensuring their compliance with regulations. Our services include:
  • Workplace Safety Inspections.
    Including developing and updating safety plans and providing support for inspections.
  • Consulting.
    Including expertise in the planning and execution of projects like lockout/tagout procedures.
  • Training.
    Including coaching for employees responsible for OHS in the workplace.

Occupational health by TELUS Health Care Centres

At TELUS Health Care Centres, our occupational health and medical services can help protect and support the well-being of your employees — mobile, on-site, in-clinic or virtually — while reducing costs and cultivating a productive workforce. Our services include:
  • Medical services
    We provide a wide variety of medicals, assessments, testing and evaluation services to suit your needs.
  • Health and wellness.
    From ergonomics and job demand analysis, to gym design and management, education, training and program development, we know what it takes to help your employees stay safe, healthy, active and alert.
  • Medical Directorship and Advisory.
    Need support with medical policy development, identifying risks or on-site medical staffing? Our experts are fully trained and ready to help.

Solutions tailored to meet your organization’s needs

Depending on your organization’s size, needs and existing benefits, we can personalize a plan for today and scale tomorrow.

Some Popular Pairings


Our employee assistance program is a convenient, flexible solution that helps your workforce be proactive about their mental health and wellbeing.

TELUS Health Absence and Disability Management 

Our sophisticated suite of solutions support employees from their first day of absence through to a full and sustainable return-to-work (RTW).

TELUS Health Case Management Software

Our proprietary software provides organizations with on-demand, real-time access to claim related data, status, and statistics.

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