What is virtual care?

Accessible healthcare

A term often used interchangeably with telemedicine, telehealth or virtual healthcare, virtual care is the process of providing 24/7 real-time access to medical professionals via a mobile device – by voice, text or video.

In addition to diagnosing and treating common primary care ailments, virtual care also provides access to a broader range of non-clinical care services, such as mental health support, chronic disease management, and even specialist referrals and prescriptions.

Virtual care during COVID-19

Virtual care solutions can help healthcare providers screen for COVID-19 cases while respecting physical distancing protocols, removing some pressure from hospital emergency rooms and clinics to help keep patients and front-line medical teams safe.

Virtual care can also help healthcare professionals continue treatments for non COVID-19 patients remotely, so they can avoid visiting clinics or hospitals entirely.

Virtual care solutions for businesses and organizations

Health and productivity go hand-in-hand

Elevate your health benefit plans with virtual care services that can help increase productivity, lower benefit costs and reduce absenteeism. Akira by TELUS Health instantly connects employees and their family members to Canadian healthcare providers who can triage, diagnose, refer and provide prescriptions and medical advice related for a wide range of health concerns — whether employees are at home, at work or on vacation.

Virtual care solutions for health authorities and hospitals

Staying healthier at home

Home Health Monitoring (HHM) programs across Canada have improved quality of life for patients, reduced hospital admissions, and saved healthcare costs. Patients can securely send daily biometrics to their care teams, who can intervene right away.

HHM programs can support patient tracking and help manage early response to avoid a decline in patient health and reduce acute care visits.

Virtual care solutions for clinics and physicians

Connecting physicians and patients

Complement your in-clinic practice with TELUS EMR Virtual Visit – an encrypted, EMR-integrated solution that enables virtual encounters by phone, text or video. Access health information and update patient health records using standard EMR workflows - preserving continuity of care and documentation. Leverage the EMR Mobile app to further improve workflow efficiency and facilitate care – anytime, anywhere.

Virtual care solutions for individuals and families

Get healthcare from home

Babylon by TELUS Health is a free app that allows you to receive virtual healthcare from your phone, without leaving the house. It can help relieve the current stresses on the healthcare system while reducing the risk of catching or spreading illnesses. Virtual consults are available free of charge for residents covered under provincial health plans in British Columbia and Alberta and, during the COVID-19 pandemic, to residents of Ontario.