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TELUS' Home Health Monitoring can help relieve pressure on our healthcare system during COVID-19

Home Health Monitoring (HHM) programs across Canada have improved the quality of life for patients, reduced hospital admissions, and saved healthcare costs.

TELUS HHM has been in use in BC since 2013 for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart failure and respiratory disease; it’s now being used in British Columbia for COVID-19 patient tracking to help manage early response, preventing decline in patient’s health and acute care visits.

By enabling clinicians to provide care at a safe distance, TELUS HHM helps protect healthcare providers from infection while alleviating some of the pressure placed on hospital emergency rooms and clinics. TELUS HHM can support COVID-19 efforts in the following ways:

  • Accessible through a web link, patients complete daily questionnaires to report biometrics such as temperature, physical symptoms and overall health condition. They can use their own mobile devices or computer or use a COVID-19 kit that includes a tablet and thermometer.

  • The dashboard-style program provides clinicians with crucial information on each patient’s health, allowing them to remotely triage cases and quickly identify those in need of urgent care. They can manage a large number of patients at one time; current statistics show that ratio to be approximately one clinician to 200 patients, depending on the monitoring model.

  • Beyond the COVID-19 patients, clinicians can care for palliative, immunocompromised and chronic disease (like COPD, hypertension and diabetes) patients while reducing pathogen exposure.

  • The standard COVID-19 HHM solution can be deployed in a short period of time. Online training is quick and easy for clinicians.