Last update: May 22, 2020

Physicians and clinic staff

Remote access and EMR integrated add-ons to support you:

Treat your patients remotely from your EMR with virtual visits

Now healthcare professionals can easily conduct video visits, access health information and update patient health records simultaneously - right from your EMR. TELUS EMR Virtual Visit is an encrypted, EMR-integrated solution that enables a seamless workflow, minimizes task redundancy, and preserves continuity of care and documentation within your existing EMR.

Available for all EMRs: Sign up

Engage your patients virtually through your patient portal and video visits

The Health Myself Portal provides a convenient and EMR integrated solution for patients and providers to engage virtually through video visits consults (NEW), provider to patient messaging, online booking and automated appointment reminders.

Additionally, Health Myself allows users to broadcast notifications to entire patient groups providing a mechanism to share important COVID-19 messaging to patients.

Available for PS Suite and Med Access customers only: Sign up

Remotely connect to your EMR

TELUS EMR Mobile allows clinicians to access their EMR on multiple form factors (phone, tablet, desktop), anytime, anywhere. Use TELUS EMR Mobile to access your schedule, patient demographics, and patient charts; add notes and interact with staff and clinicians from your clinic. It is easily paired with your EMR. Download the app on the App Store or on Google Play.

Access standalone video visits

REACTS is a new TELUS Health partner, offering a standalone video application to assist you in providing virtual care. REACTS is a secure teleconsultation solution for patient visits, home care and rehab with interactive tools such as instant messaging, file sharing and augmented reality for remote virtual guidance. Single sign-on from your EMR is coming soon. Sign up

Download REACTS on the App Store or on Google Play.

Keep me informed when REACTS will be integrated to my EMR.

Med Access, PS Suite and Wolf: I'm interested.

Medesync and KinLogix: I'm interested.


Add-ons that encourage social distancing by managing traffic at the clinic

EMR-integrated solutions enable important provider-patient communications, save time for overwhelmed administration teams, and help limit face-to-face exposure in crowded waiting rooms:

Customer support

We have extended our customer support team hours to 9 pm. You can reach us using the contact information below:

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