Supporting physical distancing with PharmaConnect

PharmaConnect™ is a patient communication service that integrates with your Kroll™ pharmacy management system. In-person interactions are reduced, which helps Canadians to self-isolate during this critical time.

  • PharmaConnect enables patients and their caregivers to order refills and new prescriptions as well as view medication history and pharmacy information

  • PharmaConnect is available for patients via the web or Apple/Android devices.

  • Prescription refill requests arrive directly into Kroll minimizing time spent on the phone.

  • Patients will receive a notification when the prescription is ready for pick-up.

  • If you offer a delivery service, patients can request it when placing the order.

PharmaConnect can be installed remotely with little disruption to your daily operations

The TELUS Health team is here to assist you with virtual installation and training. You will also receive materials to inform your patients of the benefits of PharmaConnect.



Supporting physical distancing in your pharmacy with PharmaConnect™

During this webinar, you will discover how PharmaConnect lets patients manage and order prescriptions from the safety of their home and how it integrates directly with your existing Kroll™ System.

Supporting you through these challenging times

We know that you are on the front lines of this pandemic and you have our commitment to support you through the challenges ahead. 

Our customer support teams are here to assist you via the regular channels:     

  • Kroll clients: 1-800-263-5876 or through live chat

  • Pharmasave Kroll clients: 1-866-285-4457 or through live chat

  • Ubik, Assyst Rx-L, Assyst-Rx F(lexipharm) and Assyst Rx-S(implicity): 1-800-363-9398 or through live chat (for Assyst-Rx-L and Ubik only)

  • Assyst PDV and Assyst Suites Qc: 1-800-463-7262

  • Assyst Rx-A(ccuscript), Assyst Rx-T(rex), POS and HME): 1-888-561-6555