Discover these EMR add on solutions.

MedDialog: Avoid paper handling and simplify external communication from your EMR

Use MedDialog to communicate and exchange secure messages, along with attachments and eFaxes, with providers from other clinics and pharmacies:

  • Use eFax to electronically send your prescriptions to pharmacies (referring to the French communication by Collège des Médecins of March 20, 2020)

  • Ask for medical advice

  • Send requests for paramedical consultations

  • Share lab results and other documents

Medesync Patient Portal

The Medesync patient portal allows physicians to send one-way messages, forms and results to patients. The patient can make an online appointment, request a prescription renewal, view their doctor's messages and change their demographic information. These portal functionalities can be customized according to the needs of the clinic.

Online booking and triage forms by Chronometriq

Added features include a pre-booking triage questionnaire that allows patients to book or not book an online appointment. Depending on answers you can predetermine what messages a patient will see; patients may be instructed to call the office or be directed to COVID-19 help lines. Chronometriq provides seamless integration with your EMR and allows patients to book online appointments, receive automated reminders and self check-in helping to maintain social distance.

TAP Medical – Switch your appointments from in-person to over the phone

Features have been added to the appointment management tool, allowing you to switch your appointments from in-person to over the phone, automatically notify patients that their appointment type has been changed and provide instructions for patients to call-in for their appointment. TAP Medical provides seamless integration to the KinLogix EMR and will be fully integrated with the Medesync EMR in the upcoming weeks.