We’re all in this together.

We take our responsibility as part of Canada’s healthcare system very seriously and continue to leverage all of our technology and resources in the fight against COVID-19.

We’ve adapted, just like every Canadian.

Healthcare needs are evolving. So are we. We’re focused on meaningful innovation to overcome access, connectivity and sustainability challenges across our healthcare system. Discover our portfolio of solutions that is transforming healthcare across the circle of care.

For employers

TELUS Health Virtual Care is actively helping alleviate pressure in hospital emergency rooms by screening for potential COVID-19 cases, providing 24/7 mental health support and helping employees speak to a health care professional without going to the doctors’ office.

Espri was launched during COVID to help employers respond to the escalating mental health pressures faced by frontline workers; it includes occupationally-targeted resources, goal setting, group video and supports.

For physicians and clinic staff

TELUS EMR Virtual Visit supports response efforts by allowing the remote delivery of care and reducing the risks of exposure to the virus for healthcare professionals, their staff and patients. It can help provide care for patients who are quarantined or isolated at home and alleviate extra pressure on the healthcare system.

For pharmacists

Demand for COVID-19 vaccinations will continue to grow as more doses become available for Canadians. Allow your patients to conveniently book and manage their appointments online for your pharmacy services. It helps reduce the volume of incoming calls and administrative burden, so you and your team can focus on the needs of your patients.

Virtual Consultation is helping pharmacists stay connected with patients, safely provide symptom support and actively alleviate the pressure in hospital emergency rooms and clinics.

For hospitals and health agencies

The TELUS Home Health Monitoring solution is aligned with the Canadian Centre for Disease Control’s COVID-19 protocols and ensures patients who are quarantined or isolated at home are provided with care. It enables healthcare providers to stay connected with patients, provide symptom support and trigger any necessary interventions at the first sign of trouble. It’s actively helping to alleviate the pressure in hospital emergency rooms and clinics.

For individuals and families

TELUS Health Care Centres leverage advanced digital health technologies to deliver highly personalized care, enhanced patient experiences and easy access to a broad range of health and wellness services -- in-person, remotely or virtually.

Since the onset of COVID-19, we’ve expanded TELUS Health MyCare service offering to cover more provinces with the goal of providing patients who are quarantined or isolated at home with care. By helping more people speak to a doctor, counsellor or dietitian without having to leave their home, we’re doing our part to alleviate the pressure in hospital emergency rooms and clinics. By speaking to a doctor virtually, you can make a big impact too.

Creating meaningful change

Mobile health clinics join frontline fight against COVID-19

How 10 partner non-profit organizations across Canada are using our new mobile health clinics this year through the TELUS Health for Good program

Improving access to healthcare.

We’ve collaborated with top medical professionals to deliver care in a whole new way.

New mental health services

Discover mental health innovations that are changing the way Canadians cope with mental health challenges.

Virtual care solutions

See how virtual care is making healthcare safer, smarter and more connected than ever for patients and professionals.

Virtual pharmacy innovations

More private. More convenient. The TELUS Health Virtual Pharmacy is everything you expect from a pharmacy and more.