Mother and young son hugging on a couch.

Mother and young son hugging on a couch.

Mother and young son hugging on a couch.

For LifePlus members: Kids Health Program

Comprehensive care for children aged 0-17

There’s a strong correlation between a child’s health and their achievements later in life. That’s why we offer a comprehensive program to help children reach their full physical, mental, behavioural and academic potential.

Through preventive health screenings, proactive family education, and a team-based approach, we’ll track and monitor their health and development every step of the way. And because nothing is more important than your child, we’ll never keep you waiting—we offer same day visits whenever you need it, plus 24/7 virtual care.

Why should my child join the Kids Health program?

The Kids Health program is designed to proactively recognize & optimize your child’s unique potential.

By working closely with children at every age we can position them for optimal health and provide them with skills to address their healthcare needs throughout their lifetime. Depending on their age, this program incorporates coaching on nutrition, physical activity, sleep patterns, self-esteem, puberty, sexuality and avoiding high-risk behaviours.

The Kids Health program includes:

Physical assessments

  • Comprehensive health history

  • Comprehensive physical examination

  • Age and risk appropriate immunizations (BC only)

Developmental assessments

  • Social competence

  • Emotional wellbeing

  • Speech and language development

  • Specialist referrals for children not meeting developmental milestones

Education and ongoing care

  • Promotion of positive behaviours and healthy lifestyle choices

  • Health promotion, disease and injury prevention

  • Guidance and empowerment for children to take an active role in their health

  • Information on community-based early child development

  • Promotion of early literacy activities

Additional pay-per-use services

  • Psychology services

  • Personalized fitness

  • Nutrition programs

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