Employee wellness

Wellness in the workplace

Our wellness services are geared towards injury prevention and keeping your workforce functioning to the best of their abilities. We have extensive experience helping clients implement and promote a positive corporate health culture.

Injury prevention

We treat injury prevention with the same importance as medical care. With a variety of workplace assessments, plans, programs and educational workshops, we give organizations the preparation and tools they need to operate safely and help employees stay healthy, active and alert.

Nutrition and fitness

Nutrition and fitness are easy to overlook, but are both key aspects of injury prevention, employee performance and long-lasting employee health.

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Screening and testing

Does an employee meet the physical demands of a job? Can they safely perform their role? Our advanced screening and testing capabilities can help organizations quickly determine the answer.

Injury and disability

Trusted by clients for decades, we have the experience to help organizations prepare for, manage and provide immediate and on-going care should injuries or disabilities arise.

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