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TELUS Health Solutions
Employee Care

Take better care of your people

Keep employees healthy and happy with a wide range of healthcare programs that lets you offer more support seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Did you know that 40% of cancer cases could be preventable?1

    Help your employees understand and act on cancer risks with a special offer on genetic services and Preventive Health Assessments.
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In-clinic services

With an experienced team of professionals all under one roof and a national network of Care Centres, we can provide convenient, consistent care for your employees.

On-site services

Our services stretch beyond our Care Centres. We understand busy schedules and can tailor our services to meet your company’s needs.

Build the right program for your team

Medical Advisory Services

Get meaningful health solutions with industry specific medical advice and guidance to help and support your employees.

Custom solutions for your employees

Preventive Health Assessments

Help your employees understand the status of their health with our extensive panel of tests, in-clinic services, physical examinations and questionnaires.


Offer premier genetic insights packages to help employees learn their hereditary risks, and personalize screening or prevention strategies.

Wellbeing programs

Inspire positive lifestyle changes and support your team every step of the way with workshops, meditation, mindfulness sessions, running clubs and more.

Mental health programs

Support your employees with an integrated, holistic approach to mental and physical wellbeing, with access to best-in-class services, all under one roof.

Good health is good business

Cultivate a healthy work culture

Help attract and keep top talent with a seamless Employee Assistance Program experience that focuses on the human journey and fosters a sense of belonging within your organization.


in productivity is lost by Canadian employers annually to mental health related absenteeism and presenteeism.

Support organizational health

Access to health and wellness experts to support better physical and mental health for a more resilient and productive workforce.

$1 invested = $2.18 saved

Companies in Canada which had mental health programs for workers in place for three or more years saw a $2.18 return for every dollar invested.

Support work/life balance

Our preventive approach builds a more balanced lifestyle helping employees to withstand stress and prevent and mitigate chronic disease.

60 to 77%

of employees would leave their current organization for one that offers better wellbeing support - even with a lower salary.

Help increase efficiency to reduce stress

Reduce time spent researching, booking and traveling to appointments with a digital service that offers fast, easy access to the resources employees need.


of Canadians indicating they were satisfied after trying a virtual care app.
Source: TELUS Health (2021). Virtual Healthcare Landscape Study - MD Analytics

Customized care for your employees

Spend less time sourcing and managing healthcare for your people

HR and office managers

Empower your employees with fast, confidential access to healthcare for themselves and their families.
Online access to healthcare information
Virtual services and on-site care
Access to a dedicated team of specialists to answer your questions

Business owners

Help increase retention and boost the bottom line by keeping your employees happy.
Help attract and keep top talent with a seamless healthcare experience
Help build a more productive and resilient workforce by providing access to health and wellness experts
Help achieve improved work/life balance with a preventive approach to healthcare

Ready to get started?

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