Preventive Health Assessment

Our head-to-toe health check

We believe in the power of early detection, prevention and timely intervention. Our Preventive Health Assessment (PHA) is a physician-led, head-to-toe assessment that helps your employees understand the status of their health so they can mitigate any risks they may have.

Why get a Preventive Health Assessment?

The sooner we detect a disease, the sooner we can treat it. We include an extensive panel of tests, physical examinations and detailed questionnaires to give our clients the full picture.

Tests range from relatively simple blood tests (completed in our convenient on-site lab) to complete physical exams*, and other sophisticated diagnostics. The PHA provides detailed professional consulting from a physician, registered dietitian, kinesiologist, family health nurse and a screening and diagnostics team, who work together to put clients on a healthy path.

The Preventive Health Assessment includes:

  • Personalized health risk assessment

  • Advanced laboratory and diagnostic screening based on personal risk profile

  • Full physical examination

  • Comprehensive medical history and intake

  • Full fitness and functional movement assessment with a kinesiologist

  • Full nutritional assessment and consultation with a registered dietitian

  • Immunization review and flu shots

  • Comprehensive multidisciplinary health report and review of recommendations

  • Online health management system

  • Post-assessment follow-up consultation to discuss health goals

  • A personalized client health report

Innovative ways we can help

We are always looking for ways to increase value for clients—even during this period of COVID-19. With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce our new virtual prevention screen. As continuity of care and tracking health risks is more important than ever, this virtual service allows us to continue to serve patient needs while keeping us all as safe as possible.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to enroll, want more information or would like to visit one of our care centres, we can help.