Employee wellness programs

Fitness and wellness management

We have over 40 years’ experience in delivering nationwide corporate wellness solutions for Canada’s top companies.

Your custom wellness program made easy

Tailored to your size or budget

Whether you have 50 or 5,000 employees, we customize our solutions to meet your company’s goals and budget. With just a simple consultation, we can provide a range of wellness services to fit your needs.

Looking for something specific? We have consultants and instructors trained in all aspects of fitness and wellness.

Fully embedded, dedicated consultants

Your employees will have access to a dedicated consultant who becomes the “face of wellness” at your organization.

  • Full and part time flexibility

  • On site and virtual services

  • Single point of contact for company wellness

  • Program planning and personalization

  • Wellness culture ambassador

Managed from end to end

Backed by an experienced team of specialists, our dedicated consultants will manage all aspects of your employee wellness program from design to planning and execution. They’ll help promote new initiatives, integrate and build your company culture and track and report progress regularly.

Key benefits of employee wellness

Employee engagement

Recruitment is expensive. A healthy workplace environment can increase employee retention, improve company satisfaction scores and is a great asset when hiring.

Increased performance

A happy, healthy employee is also a productive one. Our employee wellness programs actively help companies reduce absenteeism and increase employee energy levels.

Workplace culture

Our dedicated consultants do more than just look after the health of your employees. They become part of your culture, helping nurture and grow your business from the inside out.

Healthy habits

Healthy habits can last a lifetime. Our dedicated consultants work directly with your team to inspire positive life changes and support them every step of the way.

Our services at a glance

Whether in person or virtual, we can tailor how we deliver our services for optimal results.

Comprehensive employee wellness

No matter your needs, size or location, we have the scale and flexibility to help your company thrive. The following list is by no means exhaustive. We have a large, highly specialized team ready to help in nearly every corporate wellness capacity.

  • Dedicated wellness consultants

  • Organizational health audits

  • Workstation ergonomic assessments

  • Workshops and webinars

  • Lifestyle coaching

  • Meditation and mindfulness sessions

  • Wellness campaigns and challenges

  • Program marketing and evaluation

  • Virtual programs

Fitness facility design and management

Our client facilities range in size from 3,000 square feet to 33,000 square feet. In short, we can help you maximise the potential of any size or space.

  • Facilities operations

  • Gym and membership management

  • Program planning and delivery

  • Marketing and communications

  • Evaluations

Fitness programs

  • Health screening and fitness assessments

  • Walking/running clubs

  • Meeting stretch breaks

  • Equipment orientation sessions

  • Workshops

  • Activity challenges

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to enroll, want more information or would like to visit one of our Care Centres, we can help.