Employee health services

Comprehensive healthcare for your business

We offer comprehensive and effective health programs nationwide. From preventive assessments and year-round care to national wellness programs, our dedicated team of specialists are standing by to help.

Preventive Health Assessment

Our head-to-toe assessment can track subtle changes in health and help detect disease early on. We proactively identify and treat health issues before they become a concern—helping you avoid unplanned medical costs in the long run.

  • Full-body check-up

  • Immunizations

  • Muscle fitness and cardiovascular assessment

  • Nutrition coaching

Year-round Care

We believe everyone should have instant access to care when they need it most. Each employee gets a dedicated care team who can help them navigate their healthcare goals, and 24/7 virtual care when in-person visits aren’t possible.

  • Digital access to healthcare results

  • Real-time access to medical consults via text and video

  • Easy transition to in-person visits when needed

Corporate travel

Help keep your employees healthy and safe with medical advice and protection that’s tailored to their destination, activities and health status.

  • Travel vaccinations

  • Travel health advisory

  • Medical emergency support

  • Immigration medical exams

Employee wellness programs

Some companies already have a wellness program and are looking to optimize results. Others are just starting out and need an end-to-end corporate wellness program. No matter where you stand, we have the resources and training to plan, manage and deliver programs that suit your business model.

  • Dedicated wellness consultants

  • Full and part time flexibility

  • On site and virtual services

  • Fitness facility design and management

24/7 Virtual care

In the wake of COVID-19, virtual healthcare has never been more important. Here is why providing continuous care matters.

Helps reduce absenteeism

Stress in a business contributes to at least 60% of workplace accidents.

Supports mental health

Stress affects 72% of all employees, who want their employers to help.

Helps you retain top talent

Turnover costs an additional 21% of the departing employee’s salary.

Cuts costs

Health-related absenteeism costs Canadian employers about $16 billion annually.

What makes us different

Customized care

We take the time to understand your employee’s needs and healthcare goals. It’s how we help support, guide, diagnose or manage existing conditions, prevent illness and serious diseases, and optimize their health for vitality and longevity.

On time and unhurried

We ensure all our appointments run on time so your employees can get the dedicated, unhurried care they deserve. With a convenient on-site laboratory, they can even get tests without leaving the building.

Expert collaboration

As part of the TELUS Health family, we’re committed to innovation, collaboration and excellence. Each Care Centre is staffed by top physicians, dietitians, kinesiologists and other key providers to help your employees through their healthcare journey.

Best-in-class technology

In addition to advanced facilities and the latest diagnostic technology, we offer 24/7 virtual care, automated appointment reminders, and online access to healthcare information to optimize your employee’s experience.

Quality care from coast to coast

Visit a Care Centre

Located in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, St. John’s and Thompson, we look forward to welcoming you at your closest Care Centre.

Ready to get started?

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