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5 summer self-love strategies

Personal · Jul 15, 2020

By Andrea Forsyth, TriFit

Every Canadian can benefit from more self-love right now. Here are five realistic strategies to consider trying this summer:

1. Go off the grid

As a society, we have never been more connected to technology than we are today. While video conferencing, social media and digital news platforms have been vital tools during the global COVID-19 pandemic, stepping away for a period of time is equally important. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but try turning off your devices for one or two waking hours every day, and spending that time outside in the vast real world, with loved ones (safely), or doing something you love like reading or cooking for pleasure instead.

2. Address the voice in your head

Most of us have a running commentary in our heads for a good part of the day, and stressful situations can increase our negative thoughts. Spend some time each day trying to notice the feeling of just being — noticing the space in between your thoughts — even if just for a moment. This present moment exercise is a powerful tool that can ultimately remind us that thoughts are just thoughts.

3. Make your bed

This simple act may feel like a drag at first, but you will smile every time you walk by your made bed for the rest of the day. A morning habit like this one can also help set the tone for a positive, peaceful day.

4. Splurge on yourself

This doesn’t mean blowing your grocery budget on gadgets or clothes, but allow yourself to indulge in something that 1) you can afford, 2) you don’t necessarily need and 3) brings you joy. That might be the beautiful- looking summer cherries that aren’t on sale, renting a movie on demand, or ordering a specialty coffee from your local coffee shop.

5. Read something that has nothing to do with work or coronavirus

When was the last time you read something solely for pleasure? Many libraries have reopened with curbside pickup, so there is no excuse not to get lost in a good book this summer (bonus points for doing so outdoors!)