Chief Security Officer

Phil Owen

As a global-leading total health and well-being provider – and the leading healthcare IT provider in Canada – TELUS Health is committed to maintaining the highest security standards and driving the continuous improvement of our systems to ensure the protection of customer and patient data, while safely transmitting health information across the continuum of care.

To support this, Phil oversees the team responsible for the strategy and compliance of TELUS Health’s cybersecurity policies and practices, including security operations, vendor security management, and identifying and mitigating security risks across our business. They maintain a robust cybersecurity strategy for the security of our customers’ data, ensuring these safeguards are built into the design and implementation of our digital health technology in collaboration with teams across TELUS Health and TELUS.

Phil brings nearly 35 years of experience in the cybersecurity sector, leading comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, operations and programs in the public and private sector in the UK and abroad. Under Phil’s leadership, the Chief Security Office strives to maintain the highest level of trust with our customers, regulators and shareholders.

Phil’s deep expertise in information technology security, cyber risk and threat intelligence – coupled with his enthusiasm and vision – will ensure a robust cybersecurity strategy in TELUS Health as we combine our technology and talents to expand our reach and deliver remarkable health experiences.