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Digital Platform

Simplify the path to production

Our ecosystem of tools, technologies, and practices allow us to deliver world-class customer experiences with high quality and speed.

TM Forum winner

The TELUS Digital Platform has won the 2019 TM Forum Awards for "Open digital ecosystem platform of the year." Through open-source collaboration and inspiration from TM Forum, the Platform is enabling incredible technology and customer outcomes at TELUS.

Delivery Infrastructure

300 releases a day equals 28,000 a year. Shippy is our automated cloud deployment tool that helps us beat the competition to market.

Shippy takes care of getting code from development into production, quickly and safely.

It’s an automated tool that tests for quality, security and accessibility. This allows our developers the time to focus on writing good code.

Content Infrastructure

For us it’s all about delivering quality experiences with velocity. By reusing content components, all of the basic things are done.

Teams can easily swap in and swap out marketing and product pricing content across all of our digital properties.

TELUS Design System (TDS)

Based on an open source model, TDS unifies design and code like never before. Providing a common platform to share and reuse coded design patterns, they’re translated into a library of React components.

This library gives our full stack developers the reusable blocks of code needed to build products.

Data intelligence

Turning insights into action, our analytics platform is a set of predictive technologies that enable us to optimize and pivot on demand.

From audience discovery to A/B testing, we’re improving our operations by being able to automate decisions from what we learn from our customers.


Our API Platform helps our developers build world-class applications by simplifying complex backend integrations.

APIs contain reusable business logic which enables the team to do quick iterations. They’re digital products that can be consumed and shared across teams – increasing our speed to market.

Digital Platform

Products built using the Digital Platform

The great people who are scaling our product delivery and operations.

• Software engineers • Solution architects • Full stack developers • UI & UX Designers • Content Strategist • Security Experts