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Welcome to the redesign

Culture · May 28, 2013

It’s 9am. An excited group of designers, project managers, developers, strategists and other web experts are assembled in a converted 5th floor training room in downtown Toronto. Joining us via Google Hangouts are teams from Vancouver and Montreal. The rebuild has officially begun.

Redesigning a redesign

By their very nature, site redesigns create a certain level of excitement. You get to create something new, fix what doesn’t work, and implement ideas you’ve been keeping in your back pocket. But the redesign offers even bigger opportunities. That’s because we’re not just rebuilding a website; we’re redesigning an entire process.

Most of us on this project are quite familiar with the Waterfall development process. The classic linear and sequential approach is quite common. Projects move from team to team to ensure greater control of over the various elements and manage deadlines. While it has many advantages, consumer involvement is not one of them. So we’re going to do things differently.

Acting like a startup

The directive is simple: act like a startup. Be lean. Build. Measure. Learn. Fail fast and iterate. If these principles sound familiar, then you’ve probably read Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup. They were designed to cut work time, increase innovation and ensure success. The process is based on validated learning – we quickly learn what works for our customers and discard what doesn’t.

Building in public

For us, customer feedback is the key to creating a consumer-centric site people will actually find relevant and useful. That’s why we’re redesigning the new site in public, live for all to see.

Over the next several months, we’re going release several iterations of the site. With each release, we’re going to validate our designs with our customers and incorporate feedback in each iteration.

Follow along here as we introduce new releases and take you behind the scenes of the rebuild. We’ll share our processes, successes, hurdles, concepts, thoughts, everything. And most importantly, we’ll be able to hear your ideas on how we can make better for you.

Welcome to the rebuild.

Authored by:
Scott MacGregor
Former partner at TELUS Digital