TELUS Digital Principles

Our principles guide our decisions and habits to deliver on our strategy and mission.


Focus on Customer First

Customers expect to be able to do what they want in a way that fits their life. We think like our customers, anticipating their needs and crafting seamless, personalized experiences that span physical and digital customer journeys.


Value data over opinions

The best decisions are those that are informed by customer and team member feedback. We build products with results we can measure, informing our decisions with data rather than just listening to the loudest voice in the room.


Deliver outcomes over outputs

Customers and team members want products that simplify their lives over those filled with unnecessary features. We prioritize building experiences that deliver tangible results for our customers and teams over feature development.


Take risks and be lean

Our customers’ needs change quickly and can be difficult to predict. We embrace ambiguity with agility by experimenting, taking calculated risks and celebrating failures to pivot quickly and continuously improve.


Build for quality and reuse

Customers want high quality experiences delivered quickly without errors and complexity. We showcase our work, reuse solutions, leverage shared platforms and automate development practices to meet our leading customer experience standards.


Be an owner

Owners are curious, create long-term value, and constantly challenge the status quo. We collaborate beyond our individual functions and lines of business, pursue high value ideas in our teams and individually and respectfully assert ourselves when we disagree.


Attract and develop leaders

Leaders tackle the most ambiguous and complex challenges while helping our team scale. We constantly raise the talent bar by seeking out exceptional, passionate people and providing them with development opportunities that enable them to choose their own career path.


Embrace inclusivity

Diversity breeds new ideas, innovation, and a better working environment. We respect and empathize with each other, fostering an inclusive culture where everyone can express their ideas and be their authentic self.


Strengthen communities

Creating shared value in our communities benefits TELUS and Canada. We invest in our team members so that they can drive positive social impact in the areas of health, education, environment and digital literacy.

Build your future.

Make it friendly.