Our curiosity has no limits

Everyday we find new ways to work smarter and better.

Our mission

At TELUS Digital, our mission is to enable our customers and team members to do what they want easily.

We’re united through our shared passion to advance the customer experience through our Principles.

Our team

Diverse teams lead the way to innovation. Leveraging different perspectives, experiences and ways of thinking allows us to deliver better insights, decisions, and solutions. Embracing our individuality, and leveraging diversity of thought is an important part of the amazing culture we have built at TELUS Digital.

How we work

We do things differently around here. There are no cubicles or seating plans, instead we’ve created a collaborative space for teams to work side-by-side.

Team members are based in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver and around the world. We’re able to be together wherever we’re located.

Outcome teams

Working on the frontline, these teams are built to be adaptable. Each team is a collection of smaller, cross-functional squads who are accountable for shared goals. They’re a collaborative group of designers, web developers, scrum masters, QA testers and product owners.

Enablement teams

Working behind the scenes, these teams help the Outcome teams deliver quickly without slowing them down. They're a committed group of strategists, UX designers, content managers, data scientists, full stack developers, accessibility experts and people experience specialists.

Our partners

We work hand-in-hand with our partners to share knowledge and strengthen our capabilities together. Our partners are embedded in our squads, which enables us to innovate and learn with them.

Build your future.

Make it friendly.