Let’s make our planet healthier, together

Plant a tree with every service you sign up for

Let’s plant some trees together. We’ve helped plant nearly 800,000 trees through our sustainability programs, and we’re aiming for our millionth. 

For every service you order, we’ll plant another tree. And you’ll save money while you’re at it. You can earn a $50 bill credit with each qualifying service (including mobility, Internet, TV, home phone, and SmartHome Security) you add, up to $250, through July 8th.

Let’s grow flowers together, too

The door hanger you received has wildflower seeds, which can support bees. Here are simple instructions on how to plant them: 

  • Place door hanger card in a sunny area of your yard (or a pot with soil), and cover lightly (⅛ inch) with soil.

  • Water liberally at first, then frequently until sprouts appear.

  • Watch them bloom into a colourful mix of bee-friendly wildflowers.

Moving towards carbon neutrality and zero waste

We're reducing our collective carbon footprint through investing in our networks, innovative technologies and sustainable business practices. By 2025, we’ll use 100% renewable energy; and we’ll be zero-waste and net carbon neutral by 2030 or sooner.

Leading in sustainability

Since 2018, we’ve been planting trees to compensate for the biomass and paper we use each year. In 2021, that amounted to more than 31,000 trees. To date, we’ve planted nearly 800,000 trees across Canada, and our mission is to reach 1 million.

Our sustainability and ESG reports highlight all of our initiatives.