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Add Optik TV® and TELUS Internet to your mobility account.

Get a FREE 50" TV. Plus unlimited internet data and 1 GB mobility data.

Starting at:


To be eligible for 1 GB of mobility data for 24 months, you must be a TELUS mobility customer. To be eligible for unlimited internet data for 24 months, you must have TELUS Internet.

Sign up for 2 years and get:

  1. FREE 50” Samsung 4K HDR Smart TV

  2. An unlimited data add-on to your home internet for $0

  3. 1 GB bonus mobility data for 24 months

  4. FREE Optik TV hardware rental and installation

  5. Plus, order online and for a limited time get a $200 credit

Package includes:

50” Samsung 4K HDR Smart TV

  • 2 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 Optical Digital Audio Output
  • 3840 x 2160 resolution, 4K Ultra HD
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Estimated delivery is 2-4 weeks after service installation
  • MSRP: $699
  • Model: 50" NU6900

Optik 4K PVR

  • Powerful, fast and ultra responsive
  • Supports playback of HDR content
  • Store up to 100 hours of 4K shows and movies
  • Record up to 5 HD programs at once

4K Wireless Digital Box

  • Bring the next generation of Optik hardware to every room in your home
  • Wireless digital boxes extend the viewing experience to other TVs in your home without having to run messy cables
  • One free wireless digital box rental on a 2-year term