Gain insights and control of your healthcare environment

Digitally transform with people-centric healthcare solutions to remove silos and help improve overall operations and patient outcomes.

Internet of Things

TELUS Smart Healthcare


Augment frontline staff with relevant and timely data and give care teams a real-time, interactive view of daily operations with a powerful combination of IoT, AI and digital twin technologies.

Key features

  • Synchronize operations and reduce patient wait times

  • Help predict critical events to lower costly ICU stays

  • Respond faster to patient needs with relevant, timely alerts

How TELUS supports your healthcare environment

Virtual environment

Digitally and virtually connect all systems to interact with your healthcare environment and people in real-time.

Trusted network and experts

Connect to Canada’s largest 4G LTE, 5G and IoT purpose-built LTE-M networks, along with our 13+ years of IoT experience.

Integrated offering

Experience seamless integration by working with one strategic partner that provides solutions across the continuum of care.

Real-time insights

Gain visibility into your health space with access to relevant, real-time data to guide better-informed actions.

See how we can drive outcomes


Hours saved

Yearly in LTC facilities with digital twin and robotic process automation


Reduced Code Blues

When leveraging Smart Healthcare solutions


Screen entries saved

Annually by clinicians when accessing patient data

Get the right information in the right place at the right time

Improve patient experience

When patients arrive at a hospital or long term care facility, they put trust in the system. Broken processes lead to poor experiences that can be avoided with TELUS Smart Healthcare solutions.

  • Save time and avoid errors with the ability to capture patient data once and share with relevant care workers in one location, in real-time

  • Optimize building, patient and staff workflows for more efficient and effective patient care

Drive better outcomes

Multiple systems impede the ability for healthcare workers to provide the best care possible. Replace excessive alerts on multiple screens into a single, streamlined experience with real-time data.

  • Combine data from connected devices and building, clinical and IT systems to help reduce Code Blue calls by up to 60%

  • Equip care providers with the right information at the right time so they can respond quickly and accurately to help avoid negative outcomes

Support care teams

Make your systems work for – not against – your team. Augment their implicit knowledge and remove daily friction so they can focus on caregiving.

  • Monitor patients, workflows and bed status with an eWhiteboard single pane view and deliver warnings to the right care providers, decreasing alarm fatigue

  • Save support workers valuable time with real-time vitals collection via mobile device and immediate reporting to EMR

Lower costs

Information is key to improving overall efficiencies. Gain an analytical view of the past, present and future states of your environment highlighting areas for improvement and cost savings.

  • Make informed, proactive decisions and shorten processes with real-time insights into daily activities

  • Use information from connected devices and assets like tagged stretchers and wheelchairs to streamline workflows and move patients more efficiently

Bringing together people, data and things

Happier patients, streamlined workflows, lower costs, and a better workplace.

All available data about patient, real-time context about space, vitals and resource availability

Connect previously unconnected systems to improve situational awareness and reduce cognitive load for clinicians and staff.

Automated alerts & notifications based on available information

Recommend actions to the right people at the right time for critical path workflows like patient code blue, transport, drug prescriptions and more.

Collaborate and proactively respond to patient needs

Optimize response to patient needs based on all available information from building state to latest patient vitals.

Ready to support your team?

Power behind TELUS IoT

TELUS 5G is connecting Canadians for good

Next-generation 5G networks will fuel Canadian innovation with new IoT applications and emerging technologies. Learn how TELUS 5G will make our lives easier, safer and healthier through increased speeds, reliability and capacity.

IoT Now Interview

TELUS VP IoT tells IoT Now how they plan to launch new solutions in health to help hospitals, hospice and age care facilities manage compliance, visibility and patient experience.

Proven solutions ready for you to build on

IoT Dedicated Network

Built exclusively for IoT and backed by IoT experts, TELUS’ network enables you to customize and quickly launch what you need to succeed. Your solution never has to compete with consumer mobile traffic – just one of the benefits our dedicated IoT network delivers.


Optimize your practice with TELUS EMR and digital healthcare solutions, whether you’re a general practitioner or a specialist, and facilitate continuity of care – so you can focus on delivering better patient outcomes.

Smart City

Discover integrated smart technologies that drive better outcomes for the people and businesses in your community through operational efficiency, safety improvements and environmental protection.

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