Cyber Security

Digital Identity Solutions

Digital transactions are growing dramatically, with Canadians conducting more and more business online. Safely conducting online transactions without compromising customer experience and privacy, is paramount for any organization. TELUS Digital Identity Solutions improve customer experience and enhance your organization’s security position. We provide smart identity and mobile data protection solutions that protect your business and your customers, while helping you grow your digital presence.

  • Increase confidence in customer identity for all transactions

  • Increase adoption of the digital channel

  • Enhance customer convenience in a privacy-centric way

  • Reduce the risk of security breaches and fraud

Mobile Security Suite

Secure the mobile channel and enhance digital experience

Empowering your customers and workforce to take advantage of all that mobile applications can offer while ensuring sensitive data is secure and protected is a daunting challenge for most organizations.

With Mobile Security Suite, you can ensure the safety and security of your organization’s most sensitive data across all devices and platforms, for data that is in transit or at rest, regardless of whether devices are online or offline.

Key Features Include:

Security anywhere and everywhere

Through offline policies and secure escrow capabilities, users can continue to work effectively and securely inside or outside a coverage area.

Remote wipe

Protect against lost or compromised devices with remote wipe capabilities and eliminate potential privacy breaches before they occur.

Digital signing and strong digital identity

Two-factor authentication and private key authentication with hardware security backed derived credentials better protects your organization’s most sensitive information.

Tamper protection

Guard against attacks that manipulate applications themselves though code signing and disable devices if tampering is detected on the device or in applications.


Validate that user is the same every time

Offer your customers a passwordless login experience, while improving security and privacy through device-based authentication.

Identity Validation

Validate that it really is your customer conducting digital transactions.

Reduce the risk of identity fraud with validation checks that run in the background.

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