Threat Intelligence

TELUS Threat Intelligence provides proven, actionable intelligence information. Leverage the expertise and knowledge of our security analysts, who will continually monitor and review your threat landscape on the dark web.


  • Get near real-time information on critical events or findings

  • Get market-leading intelligence from security analysts

  • Gain operational efficiency with 24/7 monitoring

What Threat Intelligence can offer

Threat awareness

Insights into cyber security threats impacting your business with threat profiling and monitoring from the open, deep, dark web.

Indicators of Compromise (IOC) Enrichment

Integration with TELUS Managed SIEM enables enrichment of SIEM logs, enabling quicker and more informed risk decisions to be made from directly within the SIEM console and the alert response process included with the service. Find out more about TELUS Managed SIEM

Access to specialized TELUS security analysts

Monthly summary reviews with a TELUS analyst, ensuring the overwhelming amount of information available is distilled and only truly relevant information is flagged for action.

Integrated reports on the TELUS Security Portal

Monthly summary documents are archived for reference on the TELUS Security Portal. Monitor all of your TELUS cyber security solutions through our integrated portal.

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Talk to a Threat Intelligence expert about how TELUS can increase your visibility into threats impacting your business.

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