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Next Generation Firewall

Available as a cloud or on-premise managed solution, our Managed Next Generation Firewall service provides greater visibility and control by focusing on applications, users, and content – in addition to ports and protocols like traditional firewalls. Safely enable applications without taking on the unnecessary risks that accompany them.

  • Greater visibility and granular control of applications running on your network, as well as the users and devices accessing them

  • Web content filtering to protect against web-based malware attacks, allowing safe, productive use of the web

  • Critical defence against both known and unknown malware, zero-day exploits and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) that can infiltrate your network

  • Easy web-based reporting and visibility through our TELUS Security Portal. Know exactly what’s happening in your network, when it’s happening

Visibility and control over applications, users, and threats.

The amount, types and nature of applications continue to evolve. Many applications, such as Software as a Service (SaaS) productivity tools are hosted outside an enterprise, with users employing a mix of business and consumer focused solutions for a variety of reasons.

All of these applications carry risk and some carry threats, but in most cases they are necessary for business. Blocking them will slow business down, while allowing them can mean taking on too much risk. Organizations need to shift their focus from treating applications as threats to enabling them safely.

TELUS Managed Next Generation Firewall allows you to safely enable applications without taking on the unnecessary risks that accompany them.

Key Features and Benefits :

Application Visibility and Control

See applications like streaming audio and video, file sharing, collaboration, and social networks that evade traditional firewalls. Prevent risks such as threat propagation, data leakage as well as productivity and compliance issues.

Threat Prevention

Malware threats can take many forms, targeting or being carried by an application. Our Next Generation Firewall service recognizes the variety of threats targeting applications that traditional defence mechanisms – firewalls and IPS – cannot effectively control.

Reporting and visibility

Get real-time access to dynamic reports from any PC or mobile device. Know exactly what’s happening in your network. Launch service requests or contact technical support directly from the portal to get better control over every aspect of your security.

URL Filtering

Positively control security policies by blocking access to high risk web content and sites. Protect confidential information and users from web-based malware attacks allowing safe, productive use of the web.

Flexible Deployment Options

Choose between our flexible, scalable Network as a Service cloud-based solution and our dedicated on-premise solution to meet your specific requirements.

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