Cyber Security

Email Protection


A managed, TELUS-hosted cloud solution specifically designed to protect all aspects of email communications including spam, viruses and malware.

Key Features

  • Spam filter and Virus Scanning

  • Outbreak detection and prevention

  • Optional email encryption, Data Loss Prevention and Advanced Malware Protection

Ultimate security and privacy for email, hosted in Canada.

Any time viruses or spam enter your network through email, you’re at risk for downtime, network slowdowns, and hampered productivity. Fend off unwanted email assaults before they get to the network with TELUS Email Protection service. Keep spammers and hackers at bay while protecting your privacy and ability to access, archive, and manage email messages.

Key Features & Benefits:

Effective Spam and Malware filtering

Our spam and malware detection and filtering rates are the best in the industry, with a catch rate greater than 99% and a false-positive rate of less than one in a million messages.

Sophisticated Outbound Filtering Protects Sensitive Information

Outbound filtering is just as important as inbound security. These additional message safeguards and policies available in the Advanced service help protect and secure sensitive information from leaving your network.

Data Loss Prevention (optional)

To ensure compliance with industry and government regulations worldwide and help prevent confidential data from leaving customer networks, Email Data Loss Prevention offers easy management, comprehensive protection, and unparalleled accuracy.

Regulation Compliance

Meet government and industry email communication regulations, including filtering incoming and outgoing emails. Privacy legislation is also forcing the encryption of outgoing emails that contain private customer information.

Industry-leading uptime and message delivery

With TELUS’ superior network uptime, your filtered email will be delivered promptly. Policy management allows you to create rules and message attributes for blocking unwanted messages.

Email Encryption (optional)

Meets compliance requirements for email encryption, while delivering powerful new email control features—all in an affordable, easy-to-use offering. Leverage the benefits of email encryption, without the need to exchange public/private keys with recipients.

Advanced Malware Protection (optional)

File reputation scoring and blocking, static and dynamic file analysis (sandboxing), and file retrospection for the continuous analysis of threats, even after they have traversed the email gateway.

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