Cyber Security Bundles

Integrated packages of security solutions providing visibility and protection for your network, applications, web and email communications.

  • Fully managed and integrated security solutions.

  • Built-in vulnerability scanning.

  • Easy web-based reporting and visibility via the TELUS Security Portal. Know exactly what’s happening in your network, when it’s happening.

Visibility and Control

An ecosystem of TELUS managed security solutions consisting of technology and processes working together to more effectively block threats than each component individually. Get the visibility and protection you need to secure your organization.

Bundle options

Essentials Security Bundle

  • An all-in-one package of foundational security solutions for small-to-mid-sized organizations providing visibility and protection for your network, applications, web and email communications.

Advanced Security Bundle

  • A complete package of advanced security solutions for mid-to-large organizations providing greater visibility, compliance and protection for your network, applications, web and email communications.

Key Features and Benefits:

Visibility and control over applications, users and threats

Our Next Generation Firewall service safely enables applications without taking on unnecessary risks. Get greater visibility and control by focusing on applications, users, and content – in addition to ports and protocols like traditional firewalls.

Web content security

Positively control security policies by blocking access to high risk web content and sites. Protect confidential information and users from web-based malware attacks, allowing for safe, productive use of the web.

Ultimate security and privacy for email

A comprehensive cloud-based, TELUS-hosted email protection solution specifically designed to protect all aspects of email communications – spam, viruses and archiving.

Asset discovery and vulnerability scanning

The integrated Asset Discovery Tool allows you to identify assets on your network, and assign owners and criticality to your organization. The integrated Vulnerability Scanning Tool scans your assets to determine and manage risk.

Web-based reporting

Get real-time access to dynamic reports from any PC or mobile device via the TELUS Security Portal. Launch service requests or contact technical support directly from the portal to get better control over every aspect of your security.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

A cloud-based SIEM solution provides visibility into potential threats, and demonstrate regulatory compliance while removing the long deployment timelines and challenges of traditional SIEM technologies.

Holistic security sounds like a great plan. But now what?

Spending on IT security is up, but so are breaches. Technology solutions pieced together to fill gaps are no longer enough to secure your business. Learn more about the holistic approach we’ve taken with our Security Bundles.

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Visibility and control over applications, users, and threats.

Security Information & Event Management

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