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Voice Networks

IP Trunking


With TELUS IP Trunking, your voice traffic runs as an application on your IP access, including TELUS WAN or Internet service. It’s more efficient than traditional voice services and allows you to scale effortlessly, adding capacity as your business requires, with no minimum number of sessions to purchase. Plus, ensure emergency response teams are able to locate you by updating your physical address online with Nomadic 911.

Key features

  • Lower costs and improve efficiencies by managing only one network for your voice and data traffic.

  • Add more capacity whenever you need to, even if it’s just one session at a time.

  • Set up your main office and integrate new locations quickly and easily as you grow.

Features and Benefits

Business continuity

Add ServiceSaver so you can keep your phone lines open for business, even in an emergency, by rerouting calls with a simple toll-free call from any phone in North America.

Alternate number delivery

Choose the number you want displayed on outgoing calls, so you appear local regardless of your physical business location.

Permissive dialing

Simplify your dial plan by eliminating the need to differentiate between local and Canada/US long distance.

Tip: Ideal for business with 50 or more employees.

To benefit from IP telephony, network connectivity is required. TELUS IP Trunking is available over TELUS IP Network service, where available.

More Voice Networks services

PRI Service

Save time and money, improve clarity, and complete calls faster than with a traditional analog network.

TELUS ServiceSaver

Stay connected with your customers in the event of a disaster or other unexpected event with this voice resiliency feature.

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