Internet of Things

Smart Transportation Solutions

Layer intelligent solutions to build an open transportation system that offers data sets and real-world insight to improve traffic, safety, fleets, sustainability, and city planning.
A busy intersection highlighting the benefit of Smart Transportation Solutions

How TELUS IoT supports your city


Build a highway to smarter data

Monitor traffic, signals, fleets, residents and emergencies to build a more sustainable infrastructure.

Customize data & value safety

Configure the data you need to tackle important intersection and city challenges, especially public and worker safety.

Trust our network and experts

Leverage the world’s fastest mobile1 and our IoT purpose-built networks, along with our 14+ years of IoT experience.

Step into a smart city

Take a step into a Smart City with Smart Transportation Solutions to steer you to better decisions.

Improve your city with smarter transportation

Traffic and signal performance management

Harness real-time traffic and signal analytics with Miovision’s Traffic AI to improve traffic flow, emergencies, incidents and intersections as a whole, remotely.
  • Leverage Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMS) to address traffic performance, monitor signal timing and improve traffic flow.
  • Deploy a Multimodal Video Detection & Count system to detect traffic problems, count vehicle classes, and enhance citizen safety.
  • Lay the foundation with the world’s most advanced traffic AI – TrafficLink -- for a safer and smarter system, while reducing greenhouse gases.

High-value fleet and asset solutions

Monitor snow plows, emergency vehicles and other assets in real-time to improve utilization, emergency response, and driver safety for a more cost-effective and agile operation.
  • Optimize winter operations by monitoring snow plow routes, utilizations, fuel use, driver behaviours and engine maintenance.
  • Improve public transit performance by analyzing service routes and traffic patterns to meet peak service times. 
  • Digitize your operations for real-time data and alerts to maximize budgets, monitor operations, and secure assets, workers and citizens.

Real-world population insight

Leverage secured and de-identified mobility analytics with TELUS Insights to learn more about mass-movement patterns -- all while protecting privacy.
  • Improve infrastructure planning by identifying visitor origins, popular destinations, length-of-stay and population flow.
  • Solve economic leakage and other challenges by measuring resident population changes, commuting patterns and pandemic impacts.
  • Make more informed decisions with real-world insights to improve city tourism, development, traffic, health, and more.

Open Operations Hub for easy integration

Build an open infrastructure that can layer third-party systems and our solutions to create a map of data that’s scaled to your city.
  • Discover how to build a more integratable, open and future-proof network to enhance urban mobility, emergency response and citizen engagement.
  • Implement new solutions smoothly for new challenges by consulting with our experts. 
  • Harness the power of and the capabilities it can open your city to and evolve into a City-as-Service.

Looking to support your city with IoT?

Aerial view of Milton, Ontario

"Within 4 weeks, we were able to identify the cause of poor traffic, implement a solution and measure the impact... all from an easy-to-use web portal."

Heidi Schlegl — Manager, Traffic Operations

Town of Milton

Building a smarter city

We provides valuable support when building a smarter city. The resources below showcase the importance of IoT and its contributions to your operations.
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Solving traffic problems remotely

Traffic teams can better address challenges by using STS to gain timely traffic insight – noted by our partner, Miovision.

IoT possibilities with Lower Power, Wide Area networks

Learn how LPWA, our dedicated LTE-M IoT network, can transform your operations and the possibilities beyond, like 5G.


TELUS Insights

Leverage secured and de-identified mobility analytics with TELUS Insights to learn more about mass-movement patterns – all while protecting privacy.

Fleet solutions

From a few vehicles to a full scale fleet, the TELUS Connected Vehicle empowers businesses to efficiently & safely manage their vehicles.

Smart City

Discover integrated smart technologies that drive better outcomes for the people and businesses in your community through operational efficiency, safety improvements and environmental protection.

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