Digitize your job site.

Save on costs, increase productivity and secure your assets and workers.

Internet of Things

Measure project safety and productivity with valuable data


Transform into a connected operation. Get valuable data that will help maximize your budget and ensure project completion, worker safety, and equipment security. Internet of Things (IoT) helps you monitor assets, equipment and worker location, resource use, vehicle utilization, project progress and more in real-time.

Key features

  • Record vehicle use and operator sign-ins in real-time

  • Sign contracts and manage field staff, remotely and digitally

  • Get notifications for assets leaving construction sites

How TELUS IoT supports your job site

Measure and save

Get valuable data from your projects, assets, materials and workers to help you find more profit within your tight margins.

Easy to customize

Customize it to fit you and help save on costs, enhance operations and give a positive return on investment.

Prioritize safety

Ensure worker and asset safety by monitoring location, activity, time and health.

Dedicated network and experts

Connect to Canada’s largest 4G LTE and IoT purpose-built LTE-M networks, and trust our 12+ years of experience in IoT.

Construction sectors we've got covered

Roads, bridges and infrastructure

  • Track equipment, vehicles, and gas consumption through a comprehensive dashboard

  • Comply with regulatory standards by using logging devices to monitor operator Hours of Service (HoS)

  • Measure the use of equipment rentals on job sites by the second to save unnecessary costs and optimize your assets

Electrical and utilities

  • Track employee working hours to better coordinate staff and reduce overtime costs

  • Improve job safety by streamlining complex processes like inspections, hazard assessments and lockout/logout with a compliance management app

  • Maintain utility vehicles, generators and other specialized equipment to decrease downtime and high last-minute repairs.

Water, sewer and pipeline

  • Detect water pressure increases and pipeline leaks to avoid further repairs, costs and malfunctions

  • Track expensive specialized utility vehicles and equipment to avoid theft and unneeded costs

  • Ensure remote and lone worker safety by equipping them with tracking and emergency safety tech

Excavation and concrete

  • Monitor the amount of concrete poured and transported to maximize concrete allotment and use 

  • Examine concrete mixes for ready-mix producers to better understand temperature and strength of early-age concrete

  • Optimize field workers and daily tasks to ensure worker safety and that projects are efficiently completed

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

  • Monitor heating and cooling system functionality with smart sensors for predictive maintenance

  • Monitor driver behaviour and provide automated coaching with an in-cab driver coaching system 

  • Sign off on completed field tasks and share report logs by implementing digital forms and workflows

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Proven solutions ready for you to build on

IoT Municipality

From fleet management to public and worker safety, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions deliver insights to deploy leaner and safer operations.

Low Power Wide Area

TELUS’ LTE-M network delivers a strong wireless signal while requiring minimal power for each transmission, prolonging the battery life of connected devices.

Connectivity Management

TELUS Control Centre by Cisco Jasper is the automated connectivity management platform that enables you to take control of your IoT devices.

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