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Reliability at the heart of the TELUS wireless network

May 12, 2021

At a time when connectivity is more important than ever, wireless networks have become the lifeblood of the Canadian Economy. What would happen to your business if your network went down? Think about all of the vital businesses and services that depend on having a reliable and fast wireless connection with coverage across the country. From enabling remote work, to remote education, to communicating with customers, to wireless retail Point of Sale (PoS), to Internet of Things (IoT) logistics tracking, to healthcare applications, and so much more, having a strong and reliable wireless network partner makes a tremendous difference. The expectation is 100% uptime connectivity. That’s the reality. Because if data is the lifeblood of the digital economy, your wireless network is the circulatory system. What could be more important than that?

Here’s how TELUS puts reliability at the heart of our wireless network.

A culture of reliability

Our TELUS team makes the biggest difference. Our culture is a key driver to how we’re able to work together and deliver remarkable outcomes for our customers and our communities every single day. While it’s practically impossible to avoid all outages, maintaining as close to 100% uptime is all part of the TELUS Customer First promise. It’s why we’ve built reliability into our culture. Reliability is a lens through which we judge our strategies and decisions. Our wireless network is no exception.

Reliability even reaches down to our multi-vendor strategy is another important component in our quest to become the most reliable company in the world.As opposed to relying on a single vendor, our multi-vendor strategy enables TELUS technology teams to validate each vendor’s services against each other, all while improving our own understanding of how our services and technology operate under different conditions.

It also means that, in the event of an outage, our first priority is to return service. If the root cause isn’t obvious, we implement a work-around first, and then address the root cause after our customers are reconnected.

Resilient architecture

There’s a saying, the bigger they come, the harder they fall. No matter how infrequent, if your network covers most of the country, downtime creates a massive disruption. TELUS avoids this design flaw with our resilient network architecture. It’s about making wise network investments to find the best balance between coverage and reliability.

The TELUS core network is distributed at eight locations across Canada, and we have plans to add even more sites in the near future. Every single one of these locations are geographically and locally redundant, allowing us to prevent service disruptions. Even in the extremely unlikely event of a complete and total failure at one location, traffic can be seamlessly rerouted to another location.

On top of our wireless network, we’ve made significant investments into building out and managing our own fibre network over the years, as opposed to merely leasing traffic on a fibre network. That means we’re not beholden to another provider to manage, maintain, or grow our fibre networks, dovetailing with our growing wireless infrastructure.

Continuous improvement

In a year like no other, TELUS was yet again named the fastest mobile provider in Canada with a Speed Score of 87.54 according to the Global Index Market Analysis by U.S.-based Ookla, who published on

“Our networks are best in class on a global basis. Quality matters when it comes to network coverage, speed, reliability and latency and the difference these attributes make in the lives of Canadians”

-Darren Entwistle, Chief Executive Officer, TELUS

We may be the fastest, but we also know we must continue to enhance the coverage and reliability of our networks for the benefit of citizens across the nation.

That means we’ve embraced the DevOps model, to bridge the gap between development and operations into a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement that accelerates service reliability.

And as we look ahead to the 5G future, TELUS is already making great strides to offering the best next generation network in the country. UK-based Opensignal recently ranked TELUS first place for 5G download speed, upload speed, video experience, availability, and Market Coverage, and more.

This while J.D. Power and Associates ranked TELUS number one for Wireless Network Quality out of any telecom provider in Western Canada, and number one in Ontario for the seventh year in a row.

Always working behind the scenes

While perfection may be an unattainable goal, it is nonetheless worth striving for. Canada’s wireless network is vital to the digital economy, we know we’ve hit our goal when everything just works. The past year put unprecedented demand on networks across the globe, as the transition to remote work, tele-medicine, and video calls accelerated faster than anyone could have anticipated. The TELUS network was no exception. We are proud of the service we’ve been able to provide to Canadians.

Our goal is to be taken for granted, all while thousands of TELUS employees work behind the scenes to deliver a seamless, smooth, fast and reliable experience for customers, and work to build out the next generation wireless network of the future. That’s the TELUS difference.

Contact us to learn more about wireless solutions for your business.

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