Your role as a project prime

Building a website or an application is a large undertaking. Learn about your role and the resources available to you to ensure that the creation of your product aligns with TELUS standards.

Your responsibilities

Whether you work with a preferred partner or white-label vendor, you are responsible for the successful launch of your project and its ongoing support and maintenance. The DRB team will act as your strategic partner providing advice and pointing you to a variety of resources to help you deliver on-brand and consistent digital experiences for our customers.

You will be responsible for the technical health and effective maintenance of the product once completed. For more information on you role post launch, please visit the section titled “Your ongoing responsibilities” to ensure you have covered appropriate budget and considerations for the ongoing sustainment of your product.

There are many TELUS standards to check off to launch a digital experience on the TELUS platform. The DRB is here to guide you through each step for the successful launch of your project, but you are ultimately responsible for ensuring each of the following steps are completed:

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