TELUS Digital Platform

The TELUS Digital Platform is a set of tools, technologies, and practices that simplify our path to production, making it easier for teams to deliver value to our customers.

What you get

When your site or application is built on the TELUS Digital platform, you will automatically benefit from the following things:

  • TELUS Development process

  • TELUS Design System

  • Security reviewing and monitoring

  • Performance, scalability and SEO 

  • Robust development 

  • Form builder

  • Blog builder

  • Site Builder 

  • Adobe analytics  

  • TELUS-approved preferred partners

  • Infrastructure monitoring

Your ongoing responsibilities

While the tools and processes outlined above will greatly increase your productivity and reduce costs and effort, TELUS Digital cannot build or maintain your website or application for you. The ownership of any product launched on the digital platform remains with the business team that initiated it.

The following items are your ongoing responsibility (both pre- and post-launch) for your project:

  • Project management

  • Application maintenance and technical health 

  • Ongoing standards compliance

  • Your content

  • Post-launch updates 

  • Custom reporting 

  • Future improvements and lifecycle management 

Note that there will be additional costs required:

  • The cost of using the Digital Platform will be a minimum one-time charge of 10% of your project’s development budget 

  • The Digital platform has Standards Adobe analytics built-in, but additional analytics asks such as custom reporting will come at an extra cost

  • To ensure the technical health and ongoing maintenance of your digital application, allocate an estimate of 10% of your overall project budget year over year 

For a comprehensive list of the Digital Platform offerings, your responsibilities, and other packages, view the full document here.

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