The Digital Review Board (DRB)

Enabling you to deliver your digital initiative on TELUS standards.

DRB forum 

The Digital Review Board (DRB) is a team of subject-matter experts responsible for ensuring all digital initiatives meet TELUS standards. We work with you throughout the lifecycle of your project by connecting you with the expertise, tools and resources you need to launch a successful digital initiative for TELUS.

We provide you with guidance and governance through a weekly forum every Wednesday, followed by a series of offline checkpoints in several areas such as:

  • Digital strategy

  • Technical solutions

  • Brand, design and content strategy

  • Accessibility 

  • Privacy and security

  • Analytics

  • Mobile app development 

The DRB will guide you through the process, provide access to preferred partners who act as extensions of the TELUS Digital team, review and advise on your deliverables and assess a project's ability to meet TELUS standards so you can proceed to launch your initiative with confidence. 

Why standards are important

TELUS has established a set of standards designed to create great experiences for our customers and employees. They’re important as they help to preserve the security, accessibility and design of our brand.

Additionally, these standards are designed to keep you and our customers safe. Whatever you are planning to deliver, the DRB framework will give you confidence in the quality and longevity of your work.

Work with a TELUS approved preferred partner

Preferred partners are an extension of the Digital team. They have been vetted and are invested in understanding how to design and build solutions that meet TELUS standards. They maintain a strategic relationship with TELUS and are typically able to start working on your project immediately with minimal help.

Once you have registered your project with the DRB, you will have an opportunity to select from a group of pre-approved vendor partners who are well-versed in TELUS standards and ways of working. They are there to support the design and development of your digital experience and engagement with the DRB process.  

TELUS has also negotiated a preferred rate with these partners, providing you with significant savings as compared to working with an external digital agency (both in terms of rates and hours spent). 

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