Using the TELUS colours

The TELUS palette is a combination of distinct colours that help distinguish our brand and create a lasting visual impact.

Learn about the colour profiles on different mediums:

Learn how to use these colours for digital experiences:

The TELUS palette

White is the foundation of the palette and is treated as the most dominant colour. Purple and green are accents that make the brand distinctive and memorable.

TELUS purple

Usage: Headings, secondary button background/outline, chevron links

Hex #4B286D

JS colorTelusPurple

TELUS green

Usage: Use only for decorative items (when it doesn't need to be colour accessible)

Hex #66CC00

JS colorTelusGreen

TELUS accessible green

Usage: Primary button backgrounds/outline, text links.

Hex #2B8000

JS colorAccessibleGreen


Usage: Page background, inverted links/buttons


JS colorWhite

The grey palette

The greys are mostly used for secondary typography and small graphic elements.

Shark grey

Usage: Sub headings (H3, H4), body text

Hex #2A2C2E

JS colorGreyShark

Shuttle grey

Usage: Colour for default links

Hex #54595F

JS colorGreyShuttle

Raven grey

Usage: Form input border

Hex #71757B

JS colorGreyRaven

Gainsboro grey

Usage: Horizontal, vertical and wave dividers

Hex #D8D8D8

JS colorGreyGainsboro

Athens grey

Usage: Helper/disabled state background

Hex #F7F7F8

JS colorGreyAthens