Trademarks and Legal

It is vital to the business that trademarks and legal conventions are used correctly in all TELUS messaging. Improper use of a trademark can result in losing exclusive rights. It is also important that our customer messaging is transparent and includes legal requirements. 

The following information will help you use the TELUS legal name and trademarks correctly. 

Legal name 

Make sure you are using the TELUS legal name correctly in communications. There have been updates to the official legal company name as of October 2017.

Trademarks and copyright

Trademarks are some of our most valuable assets and it’s important that we do everything possible to protect them. Exclusive rights to a trademark can be lost through improper use or lack of use, so it’s important to be precise when using trademarks in all cases.

Legal annotations

When specific offer details cannot be explained in the body copy of a message, we use legal annotations. It is important that in all our communications we use the same annotation system and references.