Gain an understanding of the tools our analytics team uses to gather insights and data across TELUS. Below are the tools that help us dig deeper to understand our customers, tailor our content, track conversions and much more.

Adobe Launch is a tag management tool which is apart of the Adobe Experience Cloud. It allows developers to implement analytics tools such as Adobe Analytics, Decibel and Qualtrics. It is also used to deploy marketing pixels for digital advertising.

Part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, this is a clickstream analytics tool. This tool measures user actions and is deployed through Adobe Launch. Popular metrics from this tool include Visits, Bounce Rate and Pageviews.

A personalization tool that is apart of the Adobe Experience Cloud. It helps conduct A/B tests and delivers custom content to various key segments of site visitors.

Adobe Audience Manager is another tool apart of the Adobe Experience Cloud. It helps create segments based on site and app visitors. Custom content is then delivered to the indicated segments through tailored analysis within Adobe Analytics.

A delivery tool apart of the Adobe Experience Cloud. This tool sends outbound communications via email, push app notification and in-app messaging.

DOMO is a standard data visualization tool that connects all streams of data into consolidated views to report on business KPIs.

Our Voice of Customer (VOC) survey tool. This tool gives visitors a survey where users leave feedback about their experience on our site. The combination of the Effort Score (EASE) and Satisfaction (CSAT) make up our KPI called Web Rating.

This analytics tool records user sessions and generates heat maps based on click activity on pages. This tool integrates with Slack and Qualtrics to show real-time customer feedback and gives the ability to see their actual user session for analysis.