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Virtual care · Jun 7, 2021

Meet three inspiring team members who are empowering people to live their healthiest lives


The COVID-19 pandemic has generated heightened demand for safe access to healthcare and made it abundantly clear that digital health is vitally important in supporting the health and
well-being of all Canadians, now and in the future.

For 13 years, TELUS Health has made significant investments and built a set of innovative capabilities that reimagine the way healthcare is delivered to, and experienced by, Canadians.
Driven by our social purpose, we are empowering people to live their healthiest lives by leveraging the power of our technology to bring quality healthcare to Canadians, when and where they need it. We’re also equipping health professionals with digital tools and systems that ease their administrative workload and allow them to focus on what really matters: caring for their patients.

Learn more from three team members who are supporting Canadians through their work in our TELUS Health Care Centres, Pharmacy Solutions and Consumer Health teams. This is their story, in their own words, about what motivates them to proudly say #WeAreTELUSHealth.

Raquel Bohorquez Isacobich

Team Lead (Operations), Montreal, Downtown TELUS Health Care Centre, Member of the TELUS Health team since April 2021

is a national network of 800 highly skilled and renowned medical professionals dedicated to identifying health risks, inspiring positive lifestyle choices and improving patient outcomes. With 16 state-of-the-art Care Centres across the
country, we offer 24/7 virtual care and a broad range of services ranging from personalized health assessments to onsite testing and treatment, to mental health and nutrition, and more.

This year, like many other people, I was temporarily laid off from my previous employer due to the pandemic. This life event gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I wanted my future to be, and to re-examine my own personal beliefs, values and culture. Personally, I
noticed there was something missing. I wanted to bring a positive impact to the lives and experiences of others, beyond ‘making a sale.’

When I started to search for what I really wanted to do, I found TELUS Health thanks to my husband, who also works at TELUS and said amazing things about working here. I’m super blessed to be part of the team where I am right now. Most of all, I want to show my three-year-old daughter the importance of being in a workplace that values your opinion, brings you joy everyday and cares for the community and well-being of others.

I’m very proud of the professional career I’ve developed in all my years here in Canada. I’m originally from Venezuela, and since coming to Canada I’ve had the opportunity to work in different areas that have allowed me to grow as a person and as a coach. My mission is to share all of my knowledge and help others become better every day.

“I wanted to show my three-year-old daughter the importance of being in a workplace that
values your opinion, brings you joy everyday, and cares for the community and
well-being of others.”

Hugues Gagné

Director, Sales, Pharmacy Solutions, Member of the TELUS Health team since 2011

TELUS Health

is focused on providing new technologies that increase access to care, and enhance quality outcomes and the patient experience. This includes the evolution and digital transformation of the pharmacy ecosystem with efficiencies such as enhanced inventory management, online prescription management and the ability to
collaborate digitally with other healthcare professionals within a connected healthcare environment.

In 2011, I joined TELUS Health as a member of the Corporate Marketing team. Although my role has changed over time, my motivation remains the same: we have an opportunity to improve access and quality of care for all Canadians through a better use of technology.

I’m convinced that TELUS is the right company to empower healthcare professionals
with innovative tools to better care for all Canadians.
I’m especially proud of some of the solutions we’ve brought to market; for example, we pioneered certain early patient portal systems that enabled online prescription renewals.

The most rewarding part of this job is my customers’ satisfaction. I have a sense of accomplishment when one of our solutions surpasses the expectations of our customers (pharmacists, in my case). I have found that my work makes a real difference and has a positive impact in my community.

I’m also extremely proud of the dedication shown by our teams in Operations, Development, Sales and others to ensure our customers benefit from the very best experience possible – what they’ve come to expect from TELUS. As a team leader, I am very proud to see all the efforts the team makes to ensure our customers can offer the best service to their patients. Our team is dedicated and always keeps the patient (end user) in mind.

“My work makes a difference and has a positive impact in my community.”

Arianne Lang

Manager, Marketing, Consumer Health, Member of the TELUS team since 2008


team brings products to market that address many of the pressing healthcare needs of Canadians. We are empowering Canadians to take control of their health and the health of their loved ones with the right information, tools and support they need, when and where they need it. This includes a range of virtual care solutions designed to make healthcare safer, smarter and more connected than ever for patients and

I first joined TELUS 13 years ago, and have been working in TELUS Consumer Health for more than three years. My main motivation comes from being part of a team that is revolutionizing the healthcare system in Canada! I really enjoy providing people with information about our TELUS Health products and services, and being able to show Canadians how technology can empower healthier lives for them and their loved ones.

My motivation is also personal. I lost my father three and a half years ago from a stroke. While I can’t change my story, I hope to help change others.

Our customers often share stories with me about how our TELUS Health products are positively impacting their lives. I love hearing stories about how easy our virtual care services are to use, or how customers are less stressed now with the purchase of LivingWell Companion, our personal emergency response service with 24/7 support for elderly loved
ones. Hearing these stories is so rewarding! Our customers are the core of our business and our number one priority.

I’m also incredibly proud of our social purpose as a team and how we give back to the community year after year after year. It’s not something that we take lightly; it’s a TELUS value that is woven in our DNA. Seeing the team rally together is truly inspirational.

“I lost my father three and a half years ago from a stroke. While I can’t change my story, I hope to help change others.”

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