TELUS wins the Adobe Experience Business Award for Excellence in Email Marketing

Development · Mar 29, 2018

In today’s digital landscape, companies are constantly looking for better ways to engage their customers. The challenge is not only finding the best vehicle for communication (e.g.: emails, SMS, etc) but also creating compelling, personal, and relevant content. Arguably, there can be multiple channels and points of engagement, but how do you manage these channels? And how do you optimize your content through data to effectively to lead to happier customers?
This was an issue TELUS faced years ago. Historically speaking, our team was using 30 different notification systems for email and SMS to interact with our customers. This was problematic for a few reasons:
  • Burden of cost and resources from many different systems 
  • Teams working in silos without knowledge sharing and valuable insights into data lost without interaction
  • Disjointed experience for our customers as our end-to-end journey
As a data-driven team, it became apparent that something needed to change and the hunt started for a platform that could seamlessly integrate all of these systems. For TELUS the choice was apparent: Adobe Campaign. Our team was already using Adobe products like Adobe Audience, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target with great success in tracking, analyzing and optimizing content. With this integration, the confusion behind the customer journey became clearer as our team had the opportunity to explore each step the customer took when interacting with TELUS, either through desktop, mobile, or an app. We were able to identify the content that customers engaged with the most, whether that was a product or a blog post. By pinpointing these areas of interest our team could develop a customized story, delivered right in the hands of the customer through their email.
“Being able to track the end-to-end customers’ journey empowers us to help our customers better. We live in a world where we have to accept that customers use multiple channels before converting. Hence, understanding our customer journey is a cornerstone to serve them better.” - Nour Masri, Performance Analysis Consultant
By enabling our team with personalization capabilities, this scalable solution had a tremendous impact on our organization. Taking a launch and learn approach, our team was able to migrate 56 marketing campaigns over the course of four months. We focused on redeploying content in new workflows and improving content reusability through constant personalization. As a result, our team experienced enhanced results to improve business decisions across all of our departments. We worked closely with Customer ExperienceMarketing and IT teams at TELUS to ensure a smooth and impactful integration of the new platform. 
"We are building capabilities to design and deliver end-to-end customer journeys that are automated, personalized, contextual and anticipatory. By leveraging innovative approaches to develop a single view of our customer, we are improving their experience while driving value for TELUS." - Nicole Diamond, Omni Channel Program Lead
As our team continues to push forward into the future, we aim to create highly personalized experiences for our customers. We are happy to announce that TELUS won the Adobe Experience Business Award for Excellence in Email Marketing. The award was given for “creating highly personal, targeted email marketing campaigns that are delivered in the context of the customer journey.” We thank our partner, Accenture for guiding us through this process and empowering our team with tools to make our customers happier. 
“Our focus has always been on making the customer journey easier and the sophistication of the stack allows us to do that. Our team uses data to predict the next action to take in the customer journey. This results in an empowering customer experience that is catered to their needs.” - Dinesh Mahtani, Director - Analytics and Insights
Authored by:
Chantelle Sukhu, content manager
Chantelle Sukhu
Communications Manager
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