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Culture · Dec 17, 2020

At TELUS Digital, our mission is to enable our customers and team members to do what they want to do, easily. This year has been memorable for many reasons. Despite the unprecedented circumstances, our team has come together and found new ways to deliver a seamless digital experience, while accelerating digital transformation across TELUS. As the year comes to a close, we’ve decided to look back and reflect on the amazing things we’ve accomplished together. 

Here is what our team has been up to in 2020. 

Keeping our customers safe and connected

Throughout the pandemic, many Canadians have turned to their digital devices to keep them connected. At TELUS, we want to enable our customers and communities with the tools and services to stay safe and connected, both online and at home.

When unprecedented times hit, we prioritize the connectivity and safety of Canadians. To keep our communities up to date, we launched the TELUS COVID-19 Hub for easy access to updates and information. We utilized our My TELUS app in-app messages to communicate and direct customers to the TELUS COVID-19 response page. Throughout the last year, we have been improving our app for our customers. We introduced new easy-to-use features in the app that enabled customers to complete self-serve transactions that normally would have required calling our call center. 

When the world shifted to working from home, we shifted our focus to designing easy solutions for our customers to feel safe, connected, and secure. TELUS launched three products that promoted easy access to safety and wellbeing services for our customers: TELUS SmartHome Security, LivingWell Companion, and TELUS Online Security. These services enabled our customers to be connected and safe within a digital world.

Putting mental and physical health first, Babylon by TELUS Health was made available to Canadians (in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan), allowing them to see doctors, dietitians, and mental health counsellors without leaving their homes. The app even included features such as Symptom Checker, Healthcheck, and Monitor, which provides users the opportunity to learn more about their health at their fingertips.

A screenshot of the My TELUS App.

Strengthening a Culture of Excellence 

Creating a safe and inclusive workplace where our team can accelerate is integral to our team member experience at TELUS Digital. Since March, teams across TELUS have been adjusting from having the flexibility between working from home and in-office to permanently remote. With this change came new challenges, we had to rethink the remote team member experience from onboarding remotely to the way we work and collaborate

In March, we enabled ~400 TELUS Digital team members to work remotely and effectively. Workstyle changes require updates to ensure our team can access what they need to. We provided Single Sign-On (SSO) access to ~31,000 TELUS team members and users, which allowed access to gated TELUS brand information and content wherever and whenever. To support organizational resiliency, we established and onboarded a new Organizational Change & Agility team. Being permanently remote was a change for many and ensuring our team feels supported remotely is important to our culture. To understand and keep a pulse on how our team members were feeling, we launched a monthly engagement survey. From this survey, we can understand how team members are coping with COVID-19 and working remotely. 

With having our teams operate remotely, one area we had to adjust was the structure of our Junior talent programs. For the first time, we launched our new junior talent program, Junior Developer Program (JDP) remotely. Through our new program, we were able to onboarded 8 new Junior developers to join our team. As our ways of working shifted to remote, our Junior Analytics Developer Experience (JADE) Program also operated remotely for the first time. Junior team members were able to feel supported while gaining industry experience. Through the collaboration and innovation of our team, we were able to foster growth and strengthen a culture of excellence while staying safe.


Supporting local businesses across Canada

As our world moves beyond traditional office workspaces, TELUS has been helping Canadian businesses with enabling their teams, so they are able to stay connected and work from anywhere. This year, TELUS wanted to ensure Canadian businesses had the support they needed during COVID-19.  TELUS created several resources and information hubs such as virtual work pages to support and highlight services and solutions to help businesses adapt to operate remotely.

At TELUS, we value giving back and supporting our local communities. This year, TELUS launched a multi-phase project, #StandWithOwners, which provides direct support to businesses including gift certificate purchases, business owner spotlights, and advice from experts. This project featured over 50 small business owners across Canada, highlighting their achievements and how they pivoted their business throughout COVID-19. Through the #StandWithOwners project, customers were encouraged to nominate a local small business, in return they would receive a gift card. In under 72 hours, over 20,000 gift certificates were awarded to customers. 

An image of TELUS' #StandWithOwners campaign, which supports businesses across Canada.

Looking ahead

As 2020 comes to a close, we can reflect on this year being a memorable one. Throughout the year, our team has shown much resiliency by quickly adapting and finding new ways of working together while putting our customers first. Looking at the upcoming year, we are excited to see what we will accomplish as we continue to keep Canadians safe and connected.

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